Speed limit display coding (new A6/A7/A8)

Discussion in 'MMI' started by audiman9, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. audiman9 New Member

    To all those asking, no, I never made any progress with this feature. (When I ordered, it was not available in my region for ordering, so it wasn't a questiong of money.)

    Again, I think they key is - if this is possible at all - in getting codings and adaptations info from a car that came with this feature from the factory.
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  3. mickymix Member

    This is the reason I'm impatient to cathc the chance to scan a brand new vehicle at my dealer...

    But I recently made a small discovery: look at my other post...
  4. audiman9 New Member

    I have a new idea, if someone feels like looking into it.

    Clearly the current coding fails because the system is waiting for - and not getting - some regional information. The recognition may work just fine for all we know, it is just waiting for confirmatory or identification/location data from the navigator?

    What if the MMI is not sending it? Assume for a moment that everything else is coded bueno, but MMI module is lacking sone code or adaptation that prevents it from sending data that is needed for the speed limit recognition.

    So, we may have been looking in the wrong place? Well, an idea anyway for some to explore. Use my coding and then at own risk try ticking up MMI codings and see what happens...
  5. audiman9 New Member

    By the way, I recommend against blindly inserting MMI adaptations. Someone reportedly formatted their MMI that way...

    Again, best if someone could get codings and adaptations from a car with this factory feature.
  6. mickymix Member

    What do you exactly mean with "ticking up" ???

  7. mickymix Member

    Well, similar problems for VW car (ie Touareg) were solved with firmware update on navi unit or instrument cluster (I do not remember correctly what I read on another forum, which I googled around...).

    This scaries me...
  8. audiman9 New Member

    By "ticking up" I mean trying different VCDS codings in the MMI module and seeing if those change anything. My explorations concentrated on the instrument cluster, image processing mostly as you can see from my codes in the first message of this thread. We may be missing a coding (or adaptation) in the MMI/navigator as well that prevents full working. Unfortunately I doubt I have time for that, so I put the idea out here to explore.
  9. audiman9 New Member

    Got a link?

    Of course it is possible some software or data is missing and this mod is impossible, but it may also be a case of missing coding/adaptation still. If we could get those scans from a car that came with this from factory...
  10. mickymix Member

    I'm in a rush at the moment, but if I'm not wrong, it should be this one (I read it with Google Translator at the time, now I just searched "VZE TOUAREG"... while the keyword is "Verkehrszeichenerkennung" a.k.a. VZE)


    In this period I really do not have enough time, otherwise I would have already used the invitation I gto from my dealer to take one of those cars for a try (and obviously, a deep scan too...). :)

    I'll do this soon, anyway...
  11. audiman9 New Member

    Pinging back... Anyone ever got around to advancing the VCDS/VAG COM scans of a car with traffic sign detection factory installed?

    I still think it might be the key to this, maybe some codings or adaptations we are simply missing. (Touareg might be a different beast, so I wouldn't worry about that story yet.)

    Good luck! :)
  12. wanman Member

    Been a while since anyone commented here. Took my A8 in for a bodywork repair this afternoon, decided it was a good opportunity to upgrade the Nav maps via Navi Service in Poland.

    I removed the 5F unit before taking the car in. On the journey the speed limit display started working! I had left the coding from previous attempts so clearly there is something in the 5F preventing it working. I believe this may be the maps which I have read need to be 2012 or later. I will update to the latest. Hopefully no more more out of operational area messages!
  13. craigyb Active Member

    I've tried all of the above and I have 2014 maps in my A7, but I cannot get the speed limits to show. Just the out of region message.

    But I spent some more time on this, looking at the coding I found my HU unit was complaining about incorrect coding since I added the VZE options.

    So I accessed the HUD ECU with VAS PC and it turns out it has a setting for VZE, so coded that in and the HUD ECU errors went away and I could tell the HUD from the MMI to display speeds signs in the HEAD UP DISPLAY.

    The next thing I checked was the camera (module 85) for the Lane assist, this also had a setting for VZE, so I added that as well, but still I don't get and sign recognition in the cluster or HUD.
  14. stephane Member

    Aftre coding this:

    - 17 Instruments, Long Coding, Byte 05, Bit 2 on
    - 8E Image Processing, Long Coding, Byte 02, Bit 0 on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/cardevicelist, VZE on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/carmenuoperation, VZE => 5

    With only this, the error message "out of area..." is displayed and no traffic sign recognition occurs.

    At this step, an interesting thing can be done :

    Open the green menu, then go in "nav>Update database" and select "default" as Nav database, reboot the MMI, then VZE is working!
    unfortunately navigation says "incompatible database".
    You can go back to the green menu to select the right database version and reboot to have again navigation working, but then again "out of area" for VZE.
    It permits anyway to play with the traffic sign recognition.
    Next step: having VZE and nav at the same time!

    It seems that there is something wrong in the communication between module 17 / 8E and 5F regarding the speed limit informations from the database and the speed limit signs recognition.
  15. lionel clerc New Member

    does anybody have an idea to make this working ?

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