Speed limit display coding (new A6/A7/A8)

Discussion in 'MMI' started by audiman9, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. audiman9 New Member

    Hello and greetings. I've been researching enabling "speed limit display", Tempolimitanzeige/traffic sign recognition, in A8 with MY2011+, ACC or Lane Assist and MMI Touch pre-requisites. I think traffic sign recognition is a potential coding-enabled target. Same goes for new A6 and A7 I believe.

    Here is what I have done so far
    - 17 Instruments, Long Coding, Byte 05, Bit 2 on
    - 8E Image Processing, Long Coding, Byte 02, Bit 0 on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/cardevicelist, VZE on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/carmenuoperation, VZE => 5
    - MMI reset, in A8 press "Tone", big knob and top-right soft button, in A6, A7 "Tone" is probably "Menu" or "Car"

    This warrants access to all the instrument cluster and MMI menus for speed limit display shown in the manual, but speed-recognition itself only comes up with messages of no speed limit detected, speed limit display currently restricted or speed limit display not available in the area or somesuch. I have driven the car on roads that normally would display map-based speed signs in navigation screen, this old option is disabled when VZE is enabled, makes no difference. So user-interface-wise speed limit display works, but does not display limits.

    I think I have pretty exhaustively gone through 8E Image Processing and 85 On-board Camera codings to no avail, and the known adaptation channels also seem to show traffic sign recognition is active. There are no error codes when coded as above.

    Any ideas? If anyone with speed limit display from factory could post their codings for 17 Instruments, 8E Image Processing nad 85 On-board Camera as well as 5F Information Electronics (or some relevant module I've forgotten?), that could help. I am posting this in the hope that others can perhaps pick it from here or shed light on if this is possible at all. Happy hunting. :)
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  3. wanman Member


    Did you make any progress with this, I have just got an A8 with ACC/Lane Assist and as this is only a £150 extra from Audi it can't be difficult. I will also be fiddling.

  4. wanman Member


    I have been fiddling and researching this some more and found (on a German site) a mention of FTE.

    - MMI 3G + Hidden Menu: car / cardevicelist, on FTE
    - MMI 3G + Hidden Menu: car / carmenuoperation, FTE => 5

    Does anyone know what FTE is or can shed any more light on enabling the speed limit display.

  5. taotsing New Member

    Hi all,

    I have the same problem. I got an A7 and forgot to order the speed limit display with the ACC and lane aisst. I tried to get it done by coding through VCDS but I get the same errors as audiman9. So I am also looking for someone WITH the Speed Limit display installed who would let me have a look at the coding. See my post in the a German forum.
    Here they also have profound know who but no one seems to have tackled the problem until now.

    Anybody who can help with the coding or provide a dump of a working speed limit display ?


  6. stephane Member

    Hi all,
    Did you found something new regarding this? I just bought an A7 with adaptive cruise control and would like to enable speed limit display if possible.
  7. mickymix Member

    I guess that, since no one came back here reporting any success, there are only two options:
    - either they easily succeed and left anybody else guess how to do it themselves,
    - or they finally came to conclusion that 150 Euro for such activation was much more less than the effort to do it themselves...

  8. mickymix Member

    Well, I thought I could be "more lucky" than anybody else, but it only seems I can just take a ticket with a number and wait in line...


    But I'll try to scan some car with such feature ASAP... :cool:

    In the meanwhile, if someone knows the trick, well, please tell us !!!
  9. stephane Member

    It will be nice if someone accept to activate this option for 150 euros, but official Audi resellers refused (they said that this option cannot be activated aftermarket).
    I made some search and it seems that this options is enabled or disabled on controllers which have a PIN code protected access.
    Somebody can confirm this?
  10. mickymix Member

    VCDS scanning of a car with such option active would help a lot, but till now I was not able to find anyone...
    (and scan should be made with DEBUG level at 2, so to be able to track down much more useful information).
    I'm quite sure the solution is right behind the corner... but I still have to find WHICH corner... :cool:
  11. stephane Member

    Don't you think that "pin code" protected controller(s) will be a problem?
  12. mickymix Member

    Yes, it could be... but... why are those controller protected with a PIN ? To control the access from outside.
    THIS MEANS THE ACCESS FROM OUTSIDE is possible. And is much better than nothing.
    Then it means finding WHO may know the PIN code... and it will again give good hints...
    Don't you think ?
  13. stephane Member

    I think the controller is PIN protected because if not it would be to easy to add options without buying them. In an other hand, it is not acceptable that AUDI refuses to sold those options aftermarket.
    I looked at some cables which look to be able to crack PIN codes but they seem to be quite expensive : more than 1000 euros.
    We maybe have to wait that somebody found the way (it happened with the viceo in motion PIN code generator).
  14. mickymix Member

    I perfectly agree on the whole line... at the same time I'm going to investigate with all the sources I have (legal and reverse-engineering ones, obviously...).
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I think it's because of the success that owners and third parties have had with enabling/fitting options cheaper than Audi charge for fitting them at the factory.

    Audi want that money themselves...

    Another sign of the IMHO increasingly greedy attitude from Audi, which I don't like and is likely to make my present Audi my last Audi.
  15. mickymix Member

    I can understand the feeling, but I also tried "outside" and came "desperately and quickly" back... Other "families" are even worse... trust me... Unfortunately actually there aren't any Open Source car manufacturer !!!
  16. stephane Member

    Do you already experiment systems for writing PIN protected controllers? I found some interesting item in "8E Image Processing" controller but cannot write them due to the protection.
  17. mickymix Member

    @stephane: sorry for the question, but when you say "PIN PROTECTED", do you really mean the ECU reports a PIN missing, or is this due to the fact you are not able to write to it ? Do you maybe mean ACCESS CODE not ENTERED, or do you strictly mean PIN missing ???

    Just to be sure we are speaking the same language and not to mis-cross information...
    Thank you.
  18. stephane Member

    Yes, sorry, I'm not an expert and I certainly don't used the right words to describe all of this. I mean that VCDS asked for a code when I tried to write the adaptation channel of the 8E controller.
  19. mickymix Member

    Sorry, did not want to stress any more knowledge than you, really sorry...
    I just wanted to be sure I correctly understood and your actual confirmation makes me more confident a solution can be found.
    If VCDS asked for a code to be able to enter adaptation codes, well, this is quite common and those codes are sometimes known from the technicians at dealers' as it may happen they have to enter some "manual" correction, so I'm confident this will be found sooner or later...
    I'll investigate this myself with more "efficiency"... :)
    Which kind of "discoveries" were you able to do ? Is this already public ? :)
  20. stephane Member

    In fact, when you open the adaptation channels of 8E controller with VCDS, you can see interesting options regarding image processing and speed limit recognition, so I think there is something to do in this place.

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