WTB: replacement LCD for RNS-E 8P0/08 A3

Discussion in 'Interior / Electrical / Multimedia' started by ryann, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. ryann New Member

    The backlight on my RNS-E LCD started flaking about a month ago and has now quit completely. The unit works 100% otherwise and it's in my geek nature to fix it rather than replace the entire unit. I did completely disassemble the LCD, cleaned the contacts, and inspected all identifiable components for damage, etc. Bummer, too, as I used the disassemble opportunity to clean/fix the LCD surface with PlastX (previous owner must have used a harsh chemical (or brillo pad) to clean the LCD because it was scratched and worn). It looks better than new now!

    Anyway, my RNS-E PN: 8p0035192c

    From what I've gathered on here, I'm looking for an aftermarket LCD matching part number LTA065B091D, or an alternative LTA065B090D.

    My budget is about $180 USD. I'd appreciate any insight or experience! Thanks.
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