Wiring Harnes to REPLACE the Bose RNS-e in B7 A4?

Discussion in 'Aftermarket' started by Jedidiah, May 1, 2009.

  1. Jedidiah New Member

    Yes i have a 2007 A4 with Bose / RNS-e I want to replace it... from what i can tell there is not a harness made that will allow me to make the swap without hacking up my OEM harness..

    Anyone know any different?


    (or in the market for an RNS-e in great shape?)
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  3. Are you looking to replace the RNS-E in your B7 A4 with another RNS-E? Or looking to replace the RNS-E with an aftermarket model? Or are you looking to install an RNS-E?
  4. Jedidiah New Member

    I have an OEM 2007 A4 Bose / RNS-e / BT car (all from the factory)
    I want to pull the RNS-e / BT out and replace with a Kenwood dnx7140

    A few issues.
    The kenwood uses a HRS GT5 connector for their GPS antenna. i have sourced the parts to make a connector in order to use the Shark Fin. (Fakra Male to GT5-1S Female)
    The RNS-e uses the diversity antenna. The Kenwood doesn't. i have yet to find a reverse diversity adapter.
    Lastly is getting the head unit to plug into the power / ground / speakers. etc. etc. etc... with out chopping off / splicing the stock harness.

  5. Jedidiah New Member

  6. Jedidiah New Member

    or maybe this would be better?

  7. Jedidiah New Member

    ok so this is what i figured out..

    Connect 2 makes a custom kit for connecting the Quadblock thingie to an aftermarket head unit.
    The issue... no one in the US sells them!?! Connects 2 - CTSAD002 (Kenwood)
    I found them on ebay / uk though :)

    hope it works! i'll post details once it is done.

    oh and the adapter above is a Autoleads PC5-137 - Audi A3, A4 Amplified Fakra Aerial Adaptor DIN
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Seems like this belongs in the Aftermarket forum...
  8. mdbrit New Member

    So did it work? I'm interested in replacing the stock nav unit with something modern also. Love to see some pics.
  9. Jedidiah New Member

    well. it does and it doesn't
    the connects2 will plug into the Metra harness then you connect the metra harness to the kenwood wires. it does work but i have a nasty ground loop buzz now all the time that the amp is on. i'm goign to try and find out what it needs tonight.

    also the connects2 does allow me to keep the steering wheel controls too. the adapter was for the older style kenwood but i just pulled it apart and wired it right to the LightBlue / yellow stripped wire on the kenwood.

    i'll take a few pictures tonight.

    if i can't get the buzzing to stop i'm going to scrap the whole project :(
  10. Jedidiah New Member

    side note. the antenna thing works awesome too. (minus my buzzing issue)
  11. smokinjoe New Member

    I had this issue on a older Kenwood head unit in a Passat. Turned out to be a defective solder in the unit itself. So don't spend 3 months trying to track it down like I did....

  12. svandive New Member

    Antenna Thingy....

    Did you go with the one that provides the 12 volts on the antenna shield? I am nervous about getting one of these and trying it. If I don't have the booster then wham... I just fried my antenna.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    If you've got an unmodified Audi antenna system then you definitely have the built-in amplifers and you will NEED to supply +12V up the centre of the antenna connection.

    Note CENTRE not SHIELD.
  13. svandive New Member


    I actually picked one up last night and will be popping it in later today. I plan on hooking up to the "Motor antenna control" wire (Blue) coming from my Kenwood DNX-6140 deck.


    Now if I could just figure out how to get the Sub-woofer (stock) amp and speaker back up and working I would really be happy.
  14. Jamz New Member

    Did you ever find out the problem with the amp, as I too am having the same problem (can hear a whine in the background)

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