white or grey?

Discussion in 'Audi R8' started by MikesR8, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. MikesR8 New Member

    My previous R8 had some issues and Audi will replace it with new car.
    I had white one, but I've seen grayish one at the salon, and I was impressed.

    What do you think? Should I stay with white or go a little darker?
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  3. PROXUS Administrator

    Ibis white is very nice color.

    Daytona grey is kind of dark, at least for my taste...


    the other option is Suzuka Grey


    but white is really clean


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  4. MikesR8 New Member

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Suzuka grey looks nice but it is a little bluish, isn't it?
    Maybe it is the light but it looks like lighter version of jet blue or whatever they call it

  5. PROXUS Administrator

    this is better picture with few R8s next to each other

    first one is probably silver, then jet blue, then black and daytona grey

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  6. gen13 New Member

    i just got in my r8, ive seen the other colors also

    i would suggest the daytona grey. looks classy specially at night under minimal lighting.

    understated, not too flashy, but makes the car look great.

    plus it the carbon or oxy silver blades really go well with it.

    other than the daytona, i would prefer the silver one (iron man)
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Definitely NOT white, it will look dirty before you've even finished washing it. Having had several cars in white, black, blue, red, silver, green, orange, ... white has definitely been the worst to keep looking good.

    Personally I'd go for Phantom Black or the closest I could get to Nogaro Blue.
  7. mharris561 New Member

    white is my choice

    the darker colors don't show the subtle lines. my white r8 always looks cleaner than my black a5 cab. it's so aero dynamic that after a rain i only have to wipe of the rear plate area.

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