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Discussion in 'Audi Q3 / Q5 / Q7' started by DBLogic, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. DBLogic New Member

    Just done an Oil and Filter change on my 3.0 TDI (240) and the previous dealer service invoice gave the oil filter as being 057 115 561 L so I baught one of these.
    However when I opened the filter housing up it had a 057 115 561 M inside. The "L" looks the same (may be a couple of mm longer ?) and has fitted OK except I had to use the original O ring as the "L" filter came with a square section seal. Couldn't exchange it as the dealership had closed by that time and I'm away next week.

    Is the only difference the seal and Iwill I be OK with the "L" one ?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. neo_andersson Member

    "L" version was fitted to cars manufactured up until 02.2008, "M" version is for cars manufactured after 02.2008.

    "M" is the correct version for you as judging by your signature your Q7 is MY:2009.
    If you have the CASA or CASB engine code the "M" version is for cars with VIN higher then : WAUZZZ4Lx8x050766.
  4. DBLogic New Member

    Thanks Neo

    Yes mine is a WAUZZZ4Lx9... Looks like an early trip to the dealer on Monday to get the "M" version. I did find a site that showed there are a couple of dimentional differences (the M is slightly smaller in Dia. and the bore is 1mm smaller) but better to be safe than sorry and spend the extra £12. I haven't run the car apart from a minute or so to check all was Ok so I should just be able to switch the filters over and top up the oil slightly.

    Serves me right for going off the previous dealer invioce :oops:

    Thanks again.
  5. neo_andersson Member

    After you swap the filter with the correct one, check the oil level, it might be required to add some to reach the correct level.

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