which nav unit do i need???

Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by brascal44, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. brascal44 New Member

    ok i have 06 a3 with a concert II stock radio i want to up grade to the factory navigation but every time i look it up it shows a picture of a nav unit with rounded corners on top and my current unit has square corners at the top of the instrument cluster with rounded corners is the hazard light button and change holder but if i look up units for an a4 the nav unit with the square corners come up.. can anyone please help me and tell me exactly what i need to make this happen i have a friend who will install it for me he did is 07 a4 and it caeme out perfect .. please any suggestions would be helpful..

    thank you
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  3. Issac Hunt New Member

    This is what you need

    As you have the Concert II which is single DIN, you'll need to convert to double DIN as well.
  4. brascal44 New Member

    hey what is a double din... sorry but i am clueless when it comes to this kind of thing.

    thanks for the info
  5. Issac Hunt New Member

    The RNS-E is double DIN, your current Concert is single DIN. Therefore the RNS-E is twice the height of your Concert and will not fit your car unless you change the radio cage for a double DIN version.

    There are a few threads covering this in the quick links section.
  6. brascal44 New Member

    Issac thanks for your help and let me ask you can i switch to a double din is it hard and expensive??? thanks again for all your advice.

  7. Issac Hunt New Member

    Did you check out the quick links section?

    Yes you can change to double DIN. You can get the parts from amny sources including sellers on here. You'll also need to modify your climate control panel (or replace it for a double DIN version - thats the only expensive part of the job)

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