Where the towing ball and hitch?

Discussion in 'Audi Q3 / Q5 / Q7' started by donavonknight, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. donavonknight New Member

    I just purchased a 2011 Q5 Prem. Plus with towing but the hitch, ball and plastic cover are missing. Dealer says that is extra which has not been the case with other manufactories.

    Is it extra or are they trying to pull a fast one?
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  3. mike3141 Member

  4. GTMRS4 Member

    I had to buy my towing ball and connector. PM me and i'll send you a dealership link where you can get parts at wholesale pricing.
  5. gdgolding New Member

    That's legit. My Q7 with towing was the same. The good news is that is a minor expense compared to what it would cost to do the whole thing aftermarket. Strongly suggest a brake controller for which there is a harness to connect to under dash; but you will need Porsche (you heard me right) Cayenne connector. By the way, these vehicles tow great.
  6. dgmodel Member

    i have towing package on mine, however i am not sure what that entails... is that simply a tow hitch or is there more to it?

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