Where is my k-line s3 8l

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by dubbeloseven, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. dubbeloseven New Member

    Sorry for my bad english, because i'm dutch.

    I'm doing a retrofit of an rns-e in my audi s3 8l 2002 and my car didnt have nothing of any radio inside when its build. So i don't have any k-line wire already there.

    Tomorrow i will put my car/navigation on a vagcom for to install my rns-e

    My question is:

    What color of wire or pinnumber is my k-line at my obd plug of my car?

    I have there the next wires:
    - 2 brown wires
    - 1 red/white
    - 1 green/black
    - 1 grey/white

    Thanks for your help!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Don't even think about wiring based solely on wire colours - the K-line will be on pin7 and the L-line (if your car has one) on pin 15 of the DLC connector.

    If there is an L-line connect your RNS-E to there, otherwise connect it to the K-line.
  3. dubbeloseven New Member

    I guess you mean pin 7 of my obd connectorplug, because i don't have any k-line already at my radioconnectors.
    When i bought this car for sure there was no radio or anything in it before. I miss all my wires to connect them to my rns-e.

    So its pin 7 of my obd connectorplug?

    Thanks already... from holland :)
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    As I said if there is a wire in pin 15 of the OBD connector plug (BTW DLC connector = OBD connector, different name for the same thing) then you should connect the RNS-E K-line to there.

    If there isn't a wire in pin 15 then connect it to pin 7.

    Most Audis that use K-line diagnostics actually have a dual K-line (K-line and L-line) because there are too many controllers to be able to connect all of them to a single wire, and if there is an L-line that's where the RNS-E is connected to - that's why I suggest you wire it to the L-line if there is one.
  4. dubbeloseven New Member

    And on what pinnumber of my obd can i find my l-line??? if there is one???
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Read my last 2 posts!!!

    Pin 7 = K-line

    Pin 15 = L-line

    That's the third time I've posted that in this thread...
  5. dubbeloseven New Member

    I only have the k-line in it.

    Thanks a lot for your answers!!!

    Sorry i didnt understand directly all, because of my english.
  6. dubbeloseven New Member

    For sure it is pin 7, with my car its the grey/white one.
    Thanks for your help!
  7. Ag02M5 Member

    Sorry for the old thread bump but I have a pertinent question.

    I am trying to connect my RNS-E to VCDS on the bench.

    I have created all the adapters and have a legitimate cable.

    I connected power to the RNSE and to the cable. I get a green light.

    I tried connecting B5 K line on the radio to both K (7) and L(15) lines on the VCDS cable.

    However the software (11.11) does not connect to the radio.

    I have successfully used this cable to communicate with the radio in car before (earlier software).


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