Wheel size coding on VCDS?

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by Cockney Boy, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Cockney Boy Member

    Going to fit 19" rims (255/35/19) to my A6 that is currently running 20's am i right in saying that i will need to re-code my car to the new size? if so under what section in VCDS do i perfrom this change?


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  3. fil2006 Member

    check in ABS
  4. morski Member

    You shouldnt need to recode the abs system or anything as you should make sure that the rolling radius is kept the same when fitting different sized alloys. There are online calculators to check what you are running and what you can change to without affecting instruments etc
  5. zsharmask New Member

    I would have thought some kind of coding would be required as the speedo would reed incorrectly due to the change in the radius of the wheels, 20 down to 19?
    Anything in ross tech wiki?
  6. Cockney Boy Member

    There is nothing in Ross-Tech Wiki site ](*,)
  7. skyfan Member

    There is no need of coding at all. Just make sure the radius is same. For example 245/40/18 is same as 225/55/16
  8. MFGF New Member


    Mine has 19s as OE. I have just checked in VCDS, and in

    [17 - instruments]
    [07 -coding]
    [Long Code Helper]
    Byte 3, bit 02
    the setting is "05 Tire Circumference: Audi A6 (4F)"


    I noticed a couple of "A6 (4F)" entries in the dropdown - I assume these are for different wheel sizes? Anyhow, 05 seems to be the one to go for.

    Hope that helps!

  9. fatenhappy New Member

    Not trying to step on toes and call me stupid if you like, but I run 19"s on my A6 (the genuine Audi after market OEM version) and I don't get why you are trying to recode anything as long as the rolling diameter is maintained .... If it isn't obviously your speedo would be out as well.

    Any descent tyre guy can give you the suitable increase or decrease conversions to profile as appropriate. I have done this quite a few times in the past with quite a number of diferent vehicles and never had a problem ....

    Cheers Greg

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