What's B48 software for???

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by PetrolDave, Dec 17, 2012.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Just got the 2013 EU DVDs and noticed that as well as the pre-2010 software (INDEX.TXT and LDM.BIN in root - version 0650) and the 2010+ software (574INDEX.TXT in root and LDM.BIN in 574 folder - version 0220) there is a software type called B48 (B48INDEX.TXT in root and LDM.BIN in B48 folder - version 0700).

    Checking the 2012 DVD this is also present on that.

    So what is the B48 software for??? BNS-5???
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  2. kobra7 Member

    B48 is a new unit 193J ..., for the A3 (you can also for other models) from 2013. Generally work properly in older models, but for example, I noticed that it does not work OPS. There is no problem reprogramming B48 version to the V574 , as well can be 574 (193g and up) to reprogram to the B48.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    What do you mean by OPS?
  3. kobra7 Member

    Optical parking system.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator


    There are too many TLAs for me to remember them all ;)
  4. msullx Member

    Hi all,
    Can someone explain me how I can convert a B48 unit version in to a V574 unit?
    This can be made at software update level or need some deeper hardware modification?

    The problem is because I have a B48 unit I can't activate the SDS "hack" because it doesn't work.
    So, in order to have SDS, I must convert my B48 unit to a V574...
    Any ideas?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    AFAIK the SDS hack doesn't work on the V574 firmware either.
  5. msullx Member

    Nope, it works ! My old unit was a 193B with software 0220 and I had the SDS hack working. I just did it following this thread: http://www.audipt.com/f85/sds-rns-e-led-120162/
    It's in Portuguese but you can use Google translate :)

    My problem is this procedure doesn't work in B48 units :(
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I wonder if setting Adaptation Channel 96 (or is it 97?) to 1 trick to downgrade firmware will allow you to convert from B48 to 574 if you then insert a CD with only the 574 firmware?
  6. msullx Member

    I tried that and it doesn't work. System does nothing. It looks like "he" knows that he is a B48 unit and only works with B48 firmware...

    My hope to help me is the user Kobra :) but he does come to the forum a long time.
  7. abpostelnicu New Member

    Guys i have this navi model number:

    Address 37: Navigation Labels: 8E0-035-192-RNSE.lbl
    Part No SW: 8P0 035 193 G HW: 8P0 035 193 G
    Component: RNS-E PU EU H06 0220
    Revision: 0000012S Serial number: AUZBZ7LD203031
    Coding: 0205411
    Shop #: WSC 00355 211 85016
    VCID: 3467FA5B57CEB4BE40B-8061

    Is there any software update on the 2014 dvds?

  8. msullx Member

    No changes, same software version 0220. Only new maps.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

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