Weird Radio Text Issues, Seat warmer question as well.

Discussion in 'B8 platform' started by jmcgeejr, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. jmcgeejr New Member

    So I just took ownership of a 2011, however if I have the FM radio set to presets the station information doesnt update, I have tried all settings. If I back out and just am at the full FM list they work. Also some HD Radio stations dont pop up with radio info even though it's there because if I go into tuning and then text and it shows the name of the song and such. This is a CPO but that isnt covering the Radio. If it's broken or needs a software update I will need to pay for it out of pocket.

    Second question is I have poor FM reception in mine which sounds common, however what's not common is what the fix is? I havent taken the back off to look at the amp to see if it's cracked or whatever. If I need to buy a new antenna amp which model and revision should I get?

    Also, wife says the seat warmer is not as warm as it was on my 2009, brought it into dealer and they checked it, both seats are working correctly, then they said that Audi changed the seat warmers so people couldn't burn themselves. Well my wife like to hear her ass sizzle on the seat, is there any way to hack it to send more juice to get hotter?
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