VIM hack or how can I break my RNS-E?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. BASARAB Member

    Sounds like old software
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  3. mattyb New Member

    Sorry to be a bit daft!! But can you spell out, so a idiot can understand, what you mean by "old software".
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    IIRC US SW version since 0150 (correct me if I'm wrong) no longer have the "nag" screens.
  4. mattyb New Member

    Ah, I understand what you are saying, but I am just up the road from you Dave, in Hampshire (UK), I am using the latest UK software v650 with a SDS hack making it so called 660. The "nag" screen popped up three times today, always for the same amount of time maybe 3 to 5 sec and coming on at what seem random times.
    Any help very much appreciated,
  5. BASARAB Member

    Hmm, since you run the latest soft the only thing I can think off, is SDS hack causing that. Hence it should be in the different thread
  6. mattyb New Member

    I will try removing the SDS and using 650 for a few days to see if the nagging goes away, is the SDS hack known for causing issues like this?
    Thanks again
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    AFAIK there's never been a "nag" screen on EU SW (I've never seen it and I've run every EU version from 0050 to 0650), so it sounds to me like you've got a bit of a hybrid mix of EU & US software running.
  7. mattyb New Member

    Thanks for the reply s, but I am sorry to say I am a bit confused!! When we talk "nag screen" in the US software, did it just put up the Due to safety reasons bla bla for a few seconds and then continue playing even though still driving. My UK setup would throw that screen up as soon as moving and stay there until stopped.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    AFAIK the EU software has never had a navigation "nag screen" like the US software used to have (I can't ever remeber seeing it) - |IIRC that used to appear whenever you tried to setup a route while you were driving.

    I suspect what you are talking about is that TV, etc displays are blanked whenever the speed is over 10km/h (approx. 5mph) - that's a completely different issue. And one that can be solved by doing the VIM (Video In Motion) hack.
  8. rok22 New Member

    Hi...i want to tell THANK YOU for this "VIM crack"..this is very good thing.. :)

    i also have problem with rear speaker voice ..and i see that some from us first downgrade to SW 0080, then upgrade to SW 0460 and then to SW 650 or more...Do you have please somebody version #0460?? I'm looking around and don't find anything?!
  9. rich8506 New Member

    I have read through this whole thread, and I am lost on what to do? The links on page one do not work, so I do not know what the VIM Tool or VIM Hack that people are talking about are. I also dont know what SDS means? I am new to this forum, and Audi, and would just like someone to help me out.

    I have a 2008 US model A4 with an RNS-E, 8E0 035 192 P

    I dont know what the current software versions are, but could someone break me down an idiot proof step by step guide of what I need to do to enable VIM on my car.

  10. rok22 New Member

    if you read this whole theme then you see what people said...but whatever..I attach this:

    - Made a 0080VIM CD
    - Captured all channel values and the software coding (see below)
    - Set #37 channel 97 to 1 to force a downgrade (0080VIM is SOFIDX 0080 and my RNS-E was already on 0150)
    - Inserted the 0080VIM CD, unit started to update and rebooted once
    - After the reboot I got prompted to enter the safe code, CAR/version showed X---, channel 05 was set to 250
    - Remove fuse #Radio out and wait 12 hours
    - Removed 0080VIM CD and inserted 2007 US DVD
    - RNS-E started update and rebooted once
    - After the reboot I got prompted again to enter the safe code, CAR/version showed 0150
    - Checked that channel 97 was set to 0, channel 05 was set to 250
    - Restored software coding and channel values
  11. rich8506 New Member

    What is a VIM 0080 CD and how do I make one. This is the part I dont understand. I cant see anywhere on this thread which shows you how to do this.
  12. BASARAB Member

    You need EU 80 software and kLAUS TOOL from, set source and destination as US
  13. rich8506 New Member

    What is RNS-E SDS?
  14. BASARAB Member

    Oh cmon, you want everything on a silver plate. Just google "audi sds' or look up other threads in here
  15. rich8506 New Member

    I did say I was new on here, it took you longer the write that, then it would to explain why SDS is important when enabling VIM, and the two difference between the two links on seeing that I cant read German
  16. BASARAB Member

    " I am new, explain me every little thing, cause I am too damn lazy to read couple other threads and use search".
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    SDS = speech control of some (not all) RNS-E functions, provided you have either an Audi BT module or the microphone, AND have rewired the microphone through the RNS-E.

    I can recommend the Google translate feature - I can't read German either!
  17. MorningGlory85 New Member


    I have a USA spec RNS-E which came stock with my car.

    I am having trouble locking the adaption channel to 1. This is what I did:

    Created a EU_80 VIM Hack CD
    Changed Adaption channel 97 to 1
    Loaded the CD
    Software Loaded
    All text changed to German and I was prompted for my Radio Pin
    Entered Pin
    Checked Adaption channel 5, which was 250
    Changed 97 to 0
    Loaded my 2007/2008 USA Map DVD which came with my car
    Software Loaded
    Checked Adaption Channel 5, which was now back to 1?

    I have tried this a number of times and it continues to change back to 1, when I insert my nav disk?

    I read you can disconnect power for 12 hours, but I didnt think that was applicable for US model RNS-Es?

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