VIM hack or how can I break my RNS-E?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. tpliquid New Member

    do we copy all the files onto the cd for the 080sw?
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  3. BASARAB Member

    So I have a b6 (Bose system) with retrofitted Euro unit converted to US mode with latest 2010 maps and 0260 firmware and here is my experience:
    1.Burned EU80 disk, Klaus tool source US and target US
    2. Burned Us200 update, changed in index.txt file 200 to 270 using Notepad, make sure file is not set to "read only", to check right click on file and choose properties
    3. Vag-com channel 97 set to 1
    4. inserted hacked EU80 disk, after update removed fuse number 30 for 12 hours
    5. inserted 0200/0270 and updated
    6. vag-com channel 37, adaptation channel 05 is sstill set to 250. Awesome!!!
    7. inserted 2009-2010 map dvd. Wtf? Nav lady speaks from rear speakers. While its not a big deal, I decided to fix it.
    8. Burned us150 software, changed index.txt from 0150 to 0280
    9.Burned us200 software, changed index.txt from 0200 to 0290
    10. downgraded to 0150/280, checked channel 05, value was 1, tried manually change 250, did not work
    11. updated to 200/290, still the same, channel 05 is set to 1. Damn it!!
    12. Downgraded to hacked eu80, disconnected radio fuse and went to sleep
    13. 12 hours later inserted 0150/280, upgraded, checked channel 05 is still at 250 value
    14. did all the adaptation values, channel 136 set to 5
    15. inserted 0200/290, upgraded and checked channel 05. Bingo, its still set at 250 and nav lady speaks from the front
    p.s. during the first process when I would insert an update disk, rns-e was updating only once with the same disk. On my second set of tries it was updating twice with the same disk. So basically I would insert update disk, it updates, reboots, starts updating again and reboots for the second time.
  4. chichum Member

    Has everyone experienced the requirement to enter the PIN once you downgrade?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    I have seen RNS-E randomly prompting to enter the code after region changes (which inlcudes the VIM hack on US units because the VIM hack will load EU 0080).
  5. chichum Member

    Hi - I forgot to write down the "coding" for my unit. I put down all the adaptation channel settings but forgot the coding. Can someone explain how to get to it to change it and what I need (I have the CD-Changer, Sirius, Multifunction Wheel and now the kufatec unit plugged into the TV port). I was thinking 0301718 would be what I want... (it's a B7 S4)

    Also, my GPS doesn't seem to be working. It thinks I'm 12 miles away from where I actually am. Any thoughts on this one? I saw RichTJ99 had the same issue but he never put the resolution in here.
  6. chichum Member

    For those who will come in the future to read this and look for answers: The GPS not working was because I was an idiot and left the antenna unplugged.
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  7. meins10 New Member

    Hi, i'm from Germany. Sorry for my bad english.
    is there a workflow for VIM-Hack and SDS-Hack on the RNS-E MJ 2010

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    There is no SDS or VIM hack for the 2010 RNS-E yet.
  8. meins10 New Member

    OK, thank you.
  9. bint2k New Member

    So when u waited 12 hours, were u using the cd that was set as US Navi Source to US Navi Target or EU source/US Target
  10. buffybur New Member

    Tryin to convert my cars from US RNS-E to EU (i.e 0650)

    I've just relocated from Charlotte to good old Germany and I took my two babies w/ me ('06 S4 conv (B6) & '06 A4 Avant (B7)).

    I do understand how in theory the switch should work. I do have a VAGCOM and I can set 97 to 1. I've also bought a bunch of EU DVD's (2007 (0550), 2008 & 2009 (0650)) my current US versions are 0110 (AND-A0501 V.2A)

    I've tried (and failed) to update (using the VIM hack) from US110 directly to EU 0650. It first starts - but then stops after approx 10% and reboots. This process loops endlessly.
    I'm thinking the step from US 110 to EU 650 is just too big...? However, I can't find a lower software version (i.e. 080, 100 or even 360)
    Does anyone have them? pls PM me if you do - all I need is that 16 - 18 MB loading.kwi file... I could provide an ftp upload access - should be easy....

    So please, anyone with EU 2004 (080) or 2005 (0100 or 0360) versions - pls let me know... and will of course also find a way to send chocolate your way ;-)

  11. martinbanshee New Member

    Also trying to go US to EU.

    I've got the same problem here, could do with some help converting my US RNS-E to EU.

    There's lots of info for EU to US, but it's not clear how to go US to EU.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. [-o<
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    What exactly is not clear? If you use the instructions and just replace any reference to US/V222 with EU/V220 the update should work.
  12. bint2k New Member

    does anyone have sw0150 that i could download please?
  13. bint2k New Member

    Hey Guys,
    Just did the VIM hack, thanks for the great input on this forum. Basarab's post helped me the most... I'd like to mention that the second "update" would not show the status bar... the screen just sat there saying updating, and then it would reboot itself, but yes it did update twice... I had no issue with nav voice coming through the back. didn't have to change a thing on chan 136 (though i had a funny value 3236 or something similar)
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Really old EU SW versions (like 0080) used different values for channel 136:

    Channel 136: Driver Position
    • RNS-E Basic
      • 03226 = Left-Hand-Drive (LHD)
      • 02632 = Right-Hand-Drive (RHD)
    • RNS-E High/US
      • 00005 = Left-Hand-Drive (LHD)
      • 00013 = Right-Hand-Drive (RHD)
  14. BASARAB Member

    If you change value from 00005 to 00010 Nav lady speaks from both front speakers, at least that how it works on mine
  15. Hi everyone i really am in need of some help with the RNS unit. I have a unit that someone took out of there 2003 RS6 and i am now going to be putting it in my RS6 I really want to do the VIM update so i can actually have my son watch something in the car. I am not going to say that i am the sharpest when it comes to electronics but i can get by. Can anyone help me out with this so i can get it done correctly? Thank you in advance!
  16. Web-EyE New Member

    Could anyone point me to the download-links for the VIM Hack SW Versions. All the old links seem to be broken.
  17. mattyb New Member

    Thanks to everyone on here, I now have VIM enabled. But I have a odd question that I have not see asked before, dose anyone else have the "For safety reasons" screen flick up for a few seconds at seemingly random times.
    Many Thanks

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