V-signal over CAN from TT RNS-E new gen units - way to override for C5 platforms?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by ehartley, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. ehartley Member

    Seeing that the new gen units for TT platform (and A3 as well perhaps) have B Connector, Pin #3 missing (not connected), is there a tested method to code the unit to read speed signal over CAN if these TT units were installed in platforms where v-signal is required but pin missing from pin-out sticker on top of RNS-E?

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  3. craigyb Active Member

    I've never successfully got a MK2 RNS-E to read speed signal. They only way to test is to set a unit to A6 mode where the speed signal is read. I suspect an older unit HW02 will be capable of reading the speed signal when coded to A6, but I've not had time to test yet.

    The HW02 units will work with the reverse signal as well, where as the later 06 and above will not.
  4. craigyb Active Member

    Just to add to this and I think another forum member can confirm. If you can get an RNS-E PU with HW02 and downgrade the SW to version 150, it is then possible to code it for A6 and it will work with the C5 A6, B5 A4, 8L A3 and 8Z A2 using speed pulses from the cluster and also auto swith to reverse camera from the reverse signal, all without the need for a cangate module.

    Once coded to A6 you can then upgrade the SW to later versions.
  5. craigyb Active Member

    In addition, using the can gateway method (not cangate) I was able to get the road speed signs to display on the RNS-E unit.

    I connected a can gateway between the drivetrain CAN, infotainment CAN and diagnostic CAN and after a bit of driving calibration the road speed signs appeared.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Let me check I've understood this right - you connect a CAN Gateway (from an 8J or 8P?) onto the existing Drivetrain, Infotainment and Diagnostic CAN buses (in parallel with the "gateway" built-in to the instruments), and connect the RNS-E to the Infotainment CAN as usual?

    Or have I got something wrong?
  6. craigyb Active Member

    Yep, that's right, it's from an A3 but it's a 1J0 can gateway, but to be honest any CAN gateway would work (not a MOST one of course)

    My RNS-E is coded for A6 and picking up the speed pulse wire.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Hmm - I'll have to take a look at trying that out on my B7 - it's starting to annoy me that the Alpine sat nav in my Citroen C1 shows speed limits but the RNS-E in my RS4 doesn't!
  7. notorious Member

    Hi Craigyb,

    I'm now retrofitting A8 D2 2002 with CAN Gateway. We met at Audis In The Park event and discussed -- hope you remember me:)

    Purchased latest A3 can gateway part number 7N0 907 530 S (brand new) and connected it to onto the existing Drivetrain, Infotainment and Comfort CANs. Also snaked Diagnostics CAN wires to OBD connector. I'm pretty much sure wiring is correct.

    I try to long code CAN Gateway with VCDS long coding helper. It seems VCDS is not fully aware of my CAN Gateway and doesn't allow me to click on boxes to code beyond first 3 words of long code and I haven't found info in ELSA how to code the other part of long code 'manually'. Can Gateway accepts my 'short' 3 word coding, but then I get fault code that gateway is incorrectly coded. My VCDS cable is genuine and VCDS software is latest version. I had no experience with CAN Gateway cars and I was expecting that VCDS will help me to long code the thing by letting me clicking on boxes, but it never happened. I now tend to think that CAN Gateway I've got is 'too new' (it also supports cars with start/stop function, recuperation, etc.) I found a thread with some screenshots that describes similar problem.

    Also, when I add modules to CAN Gateway Installation List, like old engine ecu, gearbox ecu and other old k-line ecu I get faults in CAN Gateway saying it can't communicate with them. Adding newer CAN-capable modules works fine, like RNS-E, Hybrid TV Tuner, Bluetooth, etc.

    Could you please advise full part number of your 1J0 CAN Gateway? I'd like to find exactly your version and try. Searched e-Bay and didn't find CAN Gateways for sale that start with '1J0'. Also, any advice about how you managed to code your gateway would be great!

  8. notorious Member


    I purchased an older version '1K0 907 530 D' CAN Gateway. I think when you typed 1J0 you actually meant 1K0 -- keyboard keys J and K are close to each other. VCDS is aware of this module and it was easy to 'long code' it.

    But I still have an error. CAN Gateway doesn't like my Instrument Cluster. I didn't specify instrument cluster in installation list, but CAN Gateway still doesn't like it. I think this is because instrument cluster can wires on my CAN Gateway are not connected to anything.

    When you did your CAN Gateway upgrade did you connect CAN Gateway's instrument cluster can bus to anything? Perhaps I need to find a way to terminate those two CAN Gateway contacts as empty contacts are hanging in the air. Should I terminate non-existent CAN bus with 120 Ohm resistor? Any ideas?

    Many thanks.

    VCDS Version: Release 11.11.6

    Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels: 1K0-907-530-V1.clb
    Control Module Part Number: 1K0 907 530 D HW: 1K0 907 951
    Component and/or Version: Gateway H08 0100
    Software Coding: 00000098040103
    Work Shop Code: WSC 06314 000 00000

    00381 - Databus Instrument Cluster
    014 - Defective
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01101110
    Fault Priority: 1
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 163
  9. notorious Member

    update: I added two twisted wires to Instrument Cluster CAN bus pins of the CAN Gateway (pins 8 and 18). Because we don't connect Instrument Cluster CAN bus to anything, I terminated this empty CAN bus with 120 Ohm resistor thinking that this will make Can Gateway happy. But the error remained.

    Craigyb, if you managed to retrofit Can Gateway in your A2 without throwing any errors, could you please advise what to do with Instrument Cluster CAN bus pins of the Gateway? I understand we don't connect this CAN bus to anything, but I may be wrong. Also, any particular tricks how to code the CAN Gateway? Will appreciate any reply. Many thanks.

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