Used Audi A3 decision which radio easier to upgrade? photo log anyone?

Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by perdave19, May 9, 2008.

  1. perdave19 New Member


    I have spent a few hours looking at your forum, yes hours. Lots of info...Unfortunately something with the search can't get me to the direct answer. Which I am sure is here. I found photos for one (not the other)of the installs with A3 small split radio, but the new radio one big rectangle looks easier. However there are no photos for that install. Its seems like a trade secret :)...Seriously though,
    1. If I am going to trade up to an audi and I had the option of one radio versus the other which one is easier? is my assumption correct?
    2. Some vendors here say the navi they will sell you doesn't need a "vag-com" work up. that its pre-coded. Does that mean that you plug it in and your good to go?
    3. Do these vendors also give you the pin code too?
    4. Does the Navi aftermarket give you real time traffic too?

    My concern is that I don't have much of a garage space here in NYC, and would need to work on the car in the street hence easy and fast is important. Or, I might wake up to find something missing.

    thank you very much


    Someone one will say use the search feature here, but trust me I did.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Any double DIN radio.
    Yes and No. They can pre-code the RNS-E to match your car, but in an A3 you should still recode the CAN gateway to stop it logging error codes - everything will work but you will have error codes. (On an A4 if you want the navigation instructions on the DIS then you MUST recode the instruments so the answer is definitely NO on an A4).
    Do NOT do any business with a supplier who does not give you the PIN code.
    If you are in the US no, but if you are in most of the European countries then yes TMC works.
  3. perdave19 New Member

    Petrol dave:

    Thanks. Hmmm some conflict from the info the dealer told me...(re traffic)

    Will be there today at a different one, the folks at the manhattan were to busy to deal with me interested in only an A3. 1 hour waiting, for an established 1 week appointment, only to be told the car is not available.

    What a mess.

    Anyway, as I walked out they also told me the service guys will not update the vag-com either.

    I think i need a better dealer.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Check the posts on here - there is NO TMC on Audis in the US - period. Your dealer is either confused or lying.

    VAG-COM is NOT official Audi software, in fact it's nothing to do with Audi at all. It's written by a firm called Ross-Tech

    That's why the dealer won't have anything to do with it!

    Or are you asking a different question? - do you want the dealer to change some of the settings on your car?
  4. perdave19 New Member

    yup you are right

    dealer...lied/wasn't informed at the one place

    otherplace was good

    Yes, the question since I don't have a "vag-com" i wanted the dealer on condition of the sale to change the settings for the DIS on the A3 with me doing the navi.

    thanks again.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    OK you need to do some more research about retrofitting the RNS-E to an A3 ...

    On the 8P A3 you do not need to modify any settings to make the navigation instructions appear on the DIS. However, you should recode the CAN gateway to stop it logging fault codes about the messages from the RNS-E on the CAN bus that it is not expecting.
  5. Ji Ji New Member

    Hello, could you explain the CAN bus coding that's required for 8P A3's? I have a 2007 A3 that I'm planning to retrofit with a RNS-E unit from Haggie. Does this mean that I will need to get a VAG-COM cable?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Yes and no.

    In an 8P A3 the RNS-E will work and the navigation instructions will appear on the DIS, but the CAN Gateway will show a fault code - because it is getting CAN bus commands from an RNS-E that it doesn't think exists!

    You should recode the CAN Gateway (using the long coding helper in VAG-COM) to remove this fault code. The VAG-COM manual explains the process to use the long coding helper - it will prompt you with the meaning of each bit, you just need to tick the box next to the bit that corresponds to sat nav and paste the updated coding into VAG-COM.
  6. Ji Ji New Member

    Since I don't own a VAG-COM cable etc.. Do you think Audi dealers will recode the CAN Gateway for me? Or is it worth me buying the VAG-COM cable and software?
  7. Issac Hunt New Member

    A decent dealer will do this, however not many appear to know what they are doing!

    If you dont want to spend the moeny on a VAG-COM cable an easier option is to fiind someone near to you who has one, who will be willing to code your car for you.

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