Upgrading to a HighLine Central Electrics module

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by migsan, May 5, 2008.

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    Anyone have done this mod? (Upgrading to a HighLine Central Electrics module)

    My original module was a LowLine one (8E0 907 279 C), and I upgrade to the LowLine 8E0 907 279 F. Now I have some issues with my lights. For example, my board computer say that all my lamps are burned, but is not true.

    The intention of this mod is to have the possibility to retrofit in my avant the Auto Light and Coming/Leaving home system.

    Thanks in advance!


    I have been looking better in my car, an I have the following issues:
    1) The BC say that all my light are burn
    2) When I rotate the key, the low lights turn on, besides the fact the light button still in position 0. I still have the satandard Light Button, not the one with Auto function
    3) My High/far light don't work well. When I pull the bracket to me they work, but when I push the bracket they don't turn on

    So, I just exchange my standard LowLine module (8E0 907 279 C) and put in an highLine module that bought in ebay (8E0 907 279 F). The light wiring harness is diferente in an LowLine Car and HighLine Car? Did I have to make some wiring changes too?

    Thanks in advance!
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  4. dnikola New Member

    hello :)

    sorry for bringing this topic from 2008 but i'm curently working on same, and i need this pdf's from navplus.us
    can anyone send them to my email nikola (at) despotovic (dot) me


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  5. migsan Member


    For what I have tested, it's not possible upgrade from a low line module to a high line module.
    Like I write in the first post, if you upgrade the module, your lights will not work well, and other things too. Low Line and High Line installations are very different.
  6. dnikola New Member

    few days ago i finiseh upgrading from low line to high line and everything works great.
    new auto switch, new autodim rear view mirror, new F modul, new CH/LH switch and i can tell you one word EXCELLENT!

    all function are fully fited and all warning lamps are working. tested each bulb :) i had leftover time to test :)

    it is not so easy to fit, becouse you have to be careful.
    i will make one example for all park lights fornt and rear are connected in dash panel (near foot rest on driver side) and one wire is comming to Low line module, now you have to disconnect all wires and if you don't have wiring diagram have to test wires and to connect each wire on High line module.

    it sound simple , and it is, but just a place to work is a bit inaccessible down steering column ,and that is making that job aggravating...

    any question just ask

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  7. migsan Member


    Great news!!! Congrats for your great mod! :)
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  8. dnikola New Member


    thanks :)

    i was searching you on MSN, to notify you but couldn't catch you there.
    that strange problme what i had with light on 0 light switch position was becouse i wasn't fited rear view mirror with sensor so when i fited it, everything was fine :)

    thanks again for your help :)

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