Upgrade to rain and light sensor A8 4E 2005

Discussion in 'D3 platform' started by juan_ignacio, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Gerappa Member

    I'll try to tell the whole story as you asked it, and maybe for helping anybody to make this retrofit. Sorry, but couldn't take pictures, because my garage is too dark, but yours make reference to do it.

    1. I took almost the whole car take apart as you. If somebody has Elsawin, know what and how to do. Removed A-pillar, driver's storage compartment, roof module, central electric module.

    2. When I was looking for data connection at the Roof module for rain/light sensor with a multimeter, I found that positive and negative connections are on an another connector too (as I showed above on your picture), so we don't need the wires what Audi offers.

    3. I cut the wire on the pin 31 of the grey connector, in central electric module (J519), and connected the new wire there.

    The central electric module coding for me is 0123124

    0 - Always
    1 - Footwell light fitted as LED (also retrofitted)
    2 - Bi-xenon headlights without LED daylight driving lights
    3 - With automatic driving lights (AUTO) with rain and light sensor -G397
    1 - With daylight driving lights
    2 - Daylight driving lights selectable via MMI
    4 - Canada (the fog-lamp is automatically switched on when the xenon switches off)

    Audi Portal: ECU Diagnostic . Audi A8 4E (2002 -) . Central Electric I J519

    The roof module coding is 0003201

    2048 - Climate Sensor installed
    1024 - Automatic Day/Night Interior Mirror installed
    128 - Light Profile active (
    1 - Standard Equipment (nothing more than Climate Sensor and/or Auto Dimming Interior Mirror)

    The part number of the ran/light sensor is 4e0 910 557 - as VCDS says, but I'm not sure. The coding is 00141886 - I still have to check, what it means
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  3. juan_ignacio New Member

    The cable on pin C31 should be attached to existing j400 unit.

    The reference sensor should be or 4E0955559E or 8K0955559A. What have you?

    juan ignacio
  4. Gerappa Member

    Yes, you have to connect the new wire to pin c31 (with Y-connection).

    I will check the reference nuber of the sensor. It's used, I checked the number, but only remember 4e0....a. Maybe 4e0 955 559 a.

    It was raining all day here, so I had chance to test the unit. Everything is working wery well. \\:D/

    My friend has a used parts center here, so if you need something, just send me a PM!
  5. Gerappa Member

  6. juan_ignacio New Member

    Now I have the installation done, and it works perfectly, both the light sensor and rain sensor.
    I have also put the auto light switch.
    The sensor that I installed is the 8K0955559A, which according to ETKA is for the A8.


    juan ignacio
  7. Gerappa Member

    Congratulation! \\:D/

    Mine is working too but have error in cluster sometimes when starting engine. In few seconds the system is working again. (I leave the switch in Auto position all the time)


  8. quantz Member

    Today I did this same retrofit successfully. Nice.

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