Upgrade to rain and light sensor A8 4E 2005

Discussion in 'D3 platform' started by juan_ignacio, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. juan_ignacio New Member

    I think it's possible the subsequent installation of lights and rain sensor. It sensilla but I have a problem.

    If the car has the hole for the sensor, such as this, with blank cover.

    The switchboard of the roof has a connector for the sensor cable to the right of the photo, 4-pin, numbered from left to right 4, 3, 2 and 1. The cable only has 3 pins on 2 red, 3 green and 4 black.

    This photo shows the sensor connector, the cable end to the sensor and the end of the cable to the switchboard:

    In this photo we see the ref of audi adapter 1C0 973 119 B, on the side of the sensor connector, to pins From left to right numbered 1, 2 and 3:

    Here is the cable connector to adapt to this connector audi:

    What is needed for assembly is the connection between the pins of the control unit and sensor pins.
    We know that the sensor is pin:
    Pin 1 positive
    Pin 2 mass
    Pin 3 data

    You have to look at the switchboard of the roof, leaving each pin, looking for positive, mass and data. One is not active. THIS IS MY PROBLEM.

    For automatic lights need to change the light switch, your referrals will vary depending on whether the year and has decorative aluminum. This is plug and play.

    Rain anf light sensor ref: 8K0 955 559 A
    Sensor cable ref: 4E0970 291
    Audi adapter: 1C0 973 119 B
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  3. Gerappa Member

    Hi do you already know the pinout in the roof module? I can't find anything about it in Elsa.
  4. juan_ignacio New Member

    That's the problem. From what I've seen, the cable I bought at the dealership, you have to change the connector to the sensor, one 3-pin ref: 1C0 973 119 B. In that connector pins if they are numeradoros. Starting at the irregular, are 1, 2 and 3.
    The 1 is positive, the 2 mass, 3 data.
    On the other hand the red wire is positive, the black wire is ground and the green data.
    Thus it is:
    1, positive, red wire
    2, mass, black cable
    3, data, green wire

    juan ignacio
  5. Gerappa Member

    So when you connect it to roof module (after conversion from 3 to 4 pins, but keep the numbers) is this working?
  6. juan_ignacio New Member

    The roof module has 4 pins, but the cable that sells 4E0970291 audi has 3 wires (red, black and green), and these are to be connected to pin 1, 2 and 3 respectively of three-pin connector to the sensor . As I said the connector has ref 1C0 973 119 B with pins 1, 2, and 3 numbered starting with the irregular part of the connector.
    Then you need to tell the car with vag we have rain sensor. For the sensor lights also need to change the light switch, one automatic.
    If you change the switch to "Auto" position, you have automatic lights, and you can activate Also do, the coming and leaving home.

    Juan Ignacio
  7. Gerappa Member

    Very big thx!

    I have everything exept the cable. That will arrive on thursday. Now already swapped the light switch, so I have the ch/lh option in mmi and working. The only problem is that I have an error on DIS when I switch to AUTO option.
  8. Gerappa Member

    Not working. :-(

    Any ideas?
  9. juan_ignacio New Member

    Sorry I have been a few days away.
    The light switch for a car is MY2004 must be 4E0941531A or 4E0941531C (if you have aluminum).
    If the car is MY2005 or later, the switches are 4E0941531G 4E0941531E or (if you have aluminum)
    Do you have everything connected yet?
    Do you have the cable with three pin connector?
    Have you connected all the cable to the unit, 3-pin connector to the sensor?
    Have you activated with the vag-com? 09-Cent.Elect.

    juan ignacio
  10. juan_ignacio New Member

    To complete the installation we need the VCDS or Vag-Com.
    You have to enter the module 09, Cent. Elect and code xxx? Xxx. The "?" must be a 1 if only light sensor and 3 if light and rain sensor.
    Then encode the light and rain sensor, as desired:
    http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Audi_A8_ (4E) _Rain / Light_Sensor

    The module 38, is the roof. You have to tell you that we have the sensor, adding 512 to the value we have:
    http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Audi_A8_ (4E) _Roof_Electronics

    Values indicated with this one, the MMI, Car Systems, Outdoor Lighting, already appear Coming leavig home.

    To me the problem is that it gives me error detection of light and rain sensor. I think it's the sensor that is not an A8 but is a B8 A4 and A5.

    juan ignacio
  11. Gerappa Member

    Yes, I connected everything well. Coded the cental electric. But the roof module must not be coded!!!

    "Important The light sensor -G399 should not be confused with the rain and light sensor -G397. The rain and light sensor -G307 is coded in the onboard power supply control unit -J519. If the rain and light sensor -G307 is fitted the light sensor must not be coded in the roof electronics control unit -J528."

    Audi Portal: ECU Diagnostic . Audi A8 4E (2002 -) . Roof Electronic J528

    With VCDS, I get the following error:

    Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels: 4E0-910-279.lbl
    Component: RLS NO RESPONSE
    Coding: 0123124
    Shop #: WSC 00001 010 00100

    Part No: 4E1 910 113 B
    Component: Wischer WWS D3 H50 0400
    Coding: 00000037
    Shop #: WSC 00001

    1 Fault Found:
    01024 - Rain Sensor (G213)
    004 - No Signal/Communication
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01100100
    Fault Priority: 2
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 250
    Mileage: 131595 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2010.04.01
    Time: 18:30:24

    Maybe we must change the roof module. Mine is 4E0 907 135 A, but found a newer one in ETKA: 4E0 907 137 B
  12. juan_ignacio New Member

    I am attaching this link which speaks of this is in Russian. With a translator that can interpret the positive and take it out of the roof mass and data to pin 31 of connector C of the unit J519 (modulo 09, below the steering wheel the driver).


    I have the same problem as you, I get the error RLS Not responding. What is the reference light and rain sensor that you have?

    In this picture we see the outline of the sensor G397, with the pin 3 attached to the wiper motor and the number 125, this box)

    This is another see it as just boxed the number 125 on pin 31 of connector C of the unit J519 (Module 09)

    In this other scheme of the C drive with 32 pin connector, marked as A.

    juan ignacio
  13. Gerappa Member

    I have Elsawin too with the latest data (2010), saw the same pictures. There is nothing about the connection of the rain/light sensor in roof module (38).

    My opinion is that we have three answers:

    1. The rain/light sensor is defective
    2. We have to change the roof module, because ours doesn't support the sensor
    3. We need to add some wires to the central electric module.

    My friend (who has an Audi Used Parts Market here) will come back next weekend. I will ask him for a new roof control module and another rain/ligh sensor. If you don't have answer till then, I will try those parts and write about it.
  14. juan_ignacio New Member

    Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish, I speak very little English, but use the google translator.
    Agree, but what is the reference sensor that you have installed?
    I have as a data module 38, as follows:
    Address 38: Roof Electronics Labels: 4E0-910-135.lbl
    Part No SW: 4E0 910 135 A HW: 4E0 907 135 A
    Component: Dachknoten D3 H02 0090
    Serial number: 00000430200135
    Coding: 0003072
    Shop #: WSC 12345 000 00000

    No fault code found.

    The ceiling unit comes with the unit of the alarm, and according to ETKA, it costs about 500 €, and increased the light and rain sensor.

    I have a MY2005 A8 3.0 TDI, and I think the light and rain sensor was optional is the time, so in some way needs to connect to the ceiling. When you buy the cable at the dealership, the receptionist told me that to make the change to 6-pin connector 3-pin, the electrician, told me that I had to talk on the phone with Audi in central Spain.

    My guess is that if we have a unit prepared for the light sensor (G399) that was so sure that if it existed in the year of manufacture of the car, and now you break the sensor, the new sensors are light and rain, and 3-pin connector, so it should be able to put the new sensor, since the only ones that sell are the reference 8K0955559A (rain and lights - G397). Maybe if you pass this the dealer update the software of the control unit from the ceiling, and this holds.

    juan ignacio
  15. Gerappa Member

    I talked wit an audi-technician, and he told me what I was afraid from. We need to add a wire from the wiper control unit (J400) to the sensor (G397). I will find out, which pin is used for that green wire (sensor's cable) to connect it via the roof module instead of wiring directly to the sensor.

    Attached Files:

  16. juan_ignacio New Member

    The outline of the ceiling unit is as follows:

    A photo of the connector T8f:

    The connector that goes to the right of the alarm unit has an 8-pin connector (T8f), of which I have a cable 7. The pin 5 I have no cable, it's for cars with roof correrizo.
    The signal goes out of her pin 3 (orange-green) and pin 4 (orange-brown), which are the CAN-H and CAN-L. There is no point to connect the sensor data unless the socket the light sensor.

    What is the reference light and rain sensor that you have tried?

    The installation of the sensor in an A4, is putting the data cable directly to the module 09. It could be like our cars.

    Below is the link to a Spanish forum where ideas I picked up where he was installed in an A4.
    Instalacion de sensor de lluvia - Audisport Iberica

    Also attached a link where I have been setting and asking questions in that forum.
    Sensor de Luces y Lluvia - Audisport Iberica

    juan ignacio
  17. juan_ignacio New Member

    More progress.

    After watching a Russian forum, and a Spanish forum where I suggested that retroifting, I have started to do this.

    I removed the driver's glove

    It has cost me most has been to remove the network drive on board. It is this:

    A photo of the connector in the unit is:

    The connector on one side, pin 16 to 1:

    The connector on the other hand, the pin 17 to 32. We see the pin 31 is wired with a yellow-white cable:

    The scheme of light and rain sensor. The pin looks like the light sensor 3, with yellow-white cable is attached (B486: Conexion 22 main wiring harness), the wire on pin 5 of J400, a unit of wipers, the same color of wire. Ending this, as shown in diagram in Box 125.

    In this scheme, we see that the cable box with the number 125, yellow-white, pin C31 connected to the onboard control unit J519, which I disassembled and photographed above. You can also see the light switch E1, which we need to change, as I said, for an automatic, but no wiring, since this wiring Auto.

    The question is how to join, if you can the data cable to the cable sensor clean. perhaps with a robacables, or about Y-connectors, which know they exist.
    So far I have disassembled and assembled the glove and the unit is scary to see it dismantled. I have to get with a party of making the connection cables out, before moving cables from the ceiling to the unit.


    Juan Ignacio
  18. Gerappa Member

    WOW It's working!!! \\:D/

    As you wrote, I needed to add a wire from the sensor (pin 3-green wire) to the Central Electric module (pin 31-yellow/white wire). Before making it, I measured the roof electronic, and I found that don't need the cable 4e0 970 291, nor the adaptor, because there is a free positive and negative connection on the other connector in the roof module.

    Thanks again for the help!
  19. Gerappa Member

    Here is the picture:

  20. juan_ignacio New Member

    More details, please.

    juan ignacio
  21. juan_ignacio New Member

    Your positive you take mass interior mirror.
    Have you checked if that is positive is on or direct?
    I think the light sensor, so that the coming home function and the leaving room, must be a direct positive, but the sensor will not have power when you open the car with the helm in the garage.
    The 3rd pin, which you will be free, will it not for the green wire to the data?

    What is the encoding module J519? I have a Coding: 0020121, and the sensor, should be 0020321. So would be good?
    On the roof, in my case, 3072 (1024 & 2048). So would be good?
    What is the reference rain sensor you put it?

    Why not as positive and picked up the mass of the original connector? Here:

    juan ignacio

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