Upgrade to 2010 RNS-E features via software only possible?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 27, 2009.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I stand by my view that Audi will not issue a SW update for a unit that is no longer fitted to any current production, and that the current SW version (0650 and 0260) will be the last ever for the pre-2010 RNS-E.

    We'll see who's right when the 2011 DVDs become available in about November...
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  2. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    I agree with this, Audi dropped all support for the RNS-D as soon as it was eliminated from the new cars.

    Audi tends to forget about older models and their customers, reason being that they can't make money off of us anymore other than by service at the dealers.
  3. Klaus H. Member

    Good posting!

    I agree to this too.

  4. simurday New Member

    sd card controller

    Is that the controller you are looking for:
    NEC 077115A

    coming from RNS-E 8E0 035 192D 2006

    BTW I have dismantelled this unit & everyone who is looking for controller reference I can check & post before I put it back together.
  5. 00s4slvr Member

    so is it possible to get the TMC on the older rns-e units with a software upgrade?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Provided they have up-to-date SW ALL EU units have TMC in the countries where either TMC is free-to-air or Audi have paid the necessary subscription.

    It is NOT possible to all TMC capability to the pre-2010 US RNS-E.
  6. 00s4slvr Member

    what about if you have a EU unit that was converted to a US unit?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    An EU unit running the US sw is a US unit. And even if you are running the EU sw in the US with a patched map DVD, TMC won't work because the US TMC is not registered in the EU sw.
  7. agassi New Member

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Julien , I am french ( sorry for my englisch...) and I just changed my old RNS-E ( 192D version ) for a new RNS-E ( 193B version ), for my Audi A4 B7 ( MY 2006 ).

    The new interface is very good, but the bad point I found, it is the very slow speed time beetween the songs on the SDHC cards.

    I try to explain : when I play music on RNS-E 192 on SD CARD ( 2Go ), the time beetween 2 songs ( when changing with steering wheel button or big bouton ) where immediate ( 0 second ) but with the new RNS-E, this time is about 3-4 seconds with 2Go SD CARDS and 2-3 seconds with SDHC cards ( 8 Go ).

    Is someone has note this ? Any reason ? Do you think a SW update can solve this problem ?

    Thank you very much.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    This has been noted before, and is not solved even with the latest 0200 firmware.
  8. agassi New Member

    Thank you very much, I am not mad.....Do you think it is a software problem ? Is Audi know this problem ?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    It's certainly unwanted behaviour, but whether it is fixable by software changes only the software designers can know.

    Since we have never found a way of reporting "features" (i.e. bugs) to Audi we have no way of knowing for sure if they know about this problem, but since it was in the original SW for the 2010+ RNS-E and they haven't fixed it you have to assume that if they know they don't care.
  9. iamshayan New Member

    Hi there,
    I just purchased a 2010 RNS-E unit from ebay, Got it from a seller in the UK, It has a LED screen and a b6/b7 faceplate. here is a link to the unit.
    The sticker on the top says that the part number is 8E0 035 193 b, however when I connect my computer with VCDS it says the part number is 8P0 035 193b.
    The unit came with a radio PIN code, When I installed the unit I used the Pin and it unlocked and worked (however it was still coded to EU) with EU map disc in it.
    When I put in my upgrade disc to convert it to accept NA maps and radio frequencies, the unit upgraded sucessfully (i think) but now it tells me to enter the PIN code again. When I enter the pin it says "incorrect code" This is the same pin that originally worked with the unit when I got it and the same one the seller sent to me with it.
    I'm quite confused as to where I went wrong. I followed the instructions posted here http://www.audiforum.ca/showthread.php?t=56799 and even met up with the user "multiphrenic" and used the upgrade disc that he had successfully used on his unit previously. Any info would be greatly appreciated, The only thing I can think of would be going to the dealership and asking them to retrieve the code. Is there another way around this considering it did accept the previous code?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The sticker that says 8E0 035 193 B is not a genuine sticker, as there are NO 8E0 versions of the 2010+ RNS-E.

    The seller has taken an 8P0 035 193 B unit and changed the faceplate to an A4 one - which isn't a problem as an 8P0 unit will accept A4 coding (I know that's what I have).

    The process to convert a 2010+ RNS-E from EU to US is different from a pre-2010 RNS-E. There is a thread on here, but I can't find it at the moment - sorry.
  10. iamshayan New Member

    okay but is there any reason why the unit would accept the PIN before I updated it but not after.
    that is my main problem I am facing right now.
    I am entering the same code that worked before I updated it.

    I plugged it in when it was EU coded and used the provided pin, It worked and I could use the unit.
    now that I have converted it (in vcds it says :RNS-E PU US H02 x---) it says "enter pin"
    when i enter the PIN it says "incorrect pin" It will NOT accept my pin.
    what should I do.
  11. iamshayan New Member

    This means the conversion was successful correct?

    I read a thread by haaggie saying that if a mk1 disc drive is used with a mk2 unit no pin would be accepted.
    the "warranty void" stickers are not the OEM ones but ones that were put on after. I bought this unit from seller Russellzuza.
    Its obvious he printed a phoney label for the unit with a fake part number and the AUZ number as XXXXXXX-XX.
    He wouldn't tell me where he got the units from so I assume they are put together with refurbished parts.
    could this be the case as to why it would take the pin?
    I am still confused because the PIN he sent me originally worked with the unit before I upgraded to NA software.
    Is there any way I can go back to the old EU software? Will the PIN work then.
    The only way I am able to tilt the screen or eject he disc is by using VCDS. no matter what cd I put in it still comes up with the 'enter code screen'
    I am stuck here and don't know what to do.
    I will contact the dealership tomorrow to confirm this is actually the correct pin. (will they even be able to tell with a EU unit?)
  12. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    you're right: could be the DVD player, though, it's strange the unit worked before the conversion. I suspect the PIN: don't think it's the correct PIN. The X-- indicates that the conversions isn't done correctly, so my question is:

    -what procedure did you use to convert?
    -do you have the 0150 & 0200 firmware available? If so, you can continue to convert by inserting the right discs. You can open the screen and remove the existing discs (if still inside) by using channel 067 and 069 by means of vag com.
  13. vsantos69 Member

    I've up-graded to the 2012 map's DVD and this problem above mencioned were solved on my radio :) By the way i still have de sw 0200...
  14. agassi New Member


    Really ? You are sure to have the " speed access problem " to the SD card ?
    What is the HW version of your RNS-E ?
    When you inserted the DVD 2012, no update ? Directly works ?

    Is is strange if you have still the SW 200.

    In Europe, some people have the SW210 on their RNS-E 193.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The SW version on the 2012 DVD is still 0200 for the 2010+ RNS-E, same as on the 2011 DVD.

    That's because (as has been posted on here already) the RNS-E's fitted recently in cars at the factory have SW0210 but only SW0200 is on the map DVDs.

    So any 2010+ RNS-E with SW0210 is either an original factory fitment, or has been removed from the car to which it was originally fitted by the Audi factory.

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