Upgrade to 2010 RNS-E features via software only possible?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 27, 2009.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Since there have been no posts by the people working on whether a SW update is possible, I think it's safe to assume that there is no progress to report...
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  2. asianremedy Member

    I wonder if anyone has any progress on vim hack for 2010 unit? As far as I remember Klaus and Brobble were successful doing the hack for older units, maybe we should ask them to (some kind of donation from forum members) try to hack newer units? Just curious if it's more difficult than for previous one...It's a very pleasant feature to have, isn't it?
  3. Klaus H. Member

    Hi all,

    the missing progress is not a question of any kind of donation. Brobble was our hardware specialist who was able to unsolder and read out the flashchips. I have no more contact to him for years - don't know what happened to him?
    Without these informations I have no chance to do an analyse and compare hacked / regular firmware versions. And it's to expensive to brick a unit without Brobble who was able to reflash the unit externally.

    Sorry for this information.

  4. kobra7 Member

    I reviewed the new soft RNSe 2010 and I managed to find the address of channel adaptation (it is a glimmer of hope on the VIM hack).
    Unfortunately it is not possible programming of flash memory, because memory is specially made by Spansion for AISIN and there is no documentation about them.
    In RNSe 2010 are 4 pieces S99PL127, if someone has a *. pdf of the memory of it please contact me. Error when modifying the software may be terminated - navi is dead.

  5. asianremedy Member

    Glad to know the whole truth about it all. I tried to find any information regarding S99PL127 chips - nothing, just that they are put to navi pioneer avic,nissan xanavi too.
  6. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    I think someone needs to invest a few bucks and crack the software as a whole and re-write it so we have more available options, etc.

    This is still a pipe dream but it would be awesome and any GOOD software engineer should be able to do this in his/her sleep.
  7. Why nobody has an chance to use RNS-E MY 10 in older versions

    Hi boys

    through a good contact. The Software is written so , that the NAV Data is usable for all RNS-E including ( Lambo, Seat ) also backward, but the modellyear 10 has a bigger prozzessor, more ram and higher resolution tft with an other grafic processor .... . The contact I ask sad to me they have tried, but the stopped the challange, because of needed ram. ( the White bar on the righten site which is on youtube, is an indication, that ram is not the same)
    Also for the retrofit of AMI, this can cause bigger problems as you can think about it.
    Because you have not only to change the RNS-E and retrofit the AMI. you have also to change the center electronic, where the summary of the car data is.
    He explained me like this that have to bring the car technical wise to a modellyear 10.
    In this can also follow Headlights electronic or as he explained in an R8 you have to retrofit an automatc driving light beam and so on....

    But don give up!
  8. zx81-sp Member

    Has anyboy tried the "CAN" way? The old RNS-E can be reprogrammed with CAN commands to get the VIM hack (without any "collateral damage" like rear sound, etc), it was discussed in the old navplus.us forum.

    I supposse that the new RNS-E should be CAN compatible backwards, but really I've don't get any 2010 board to test.

  9. JohnS3 Member

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

  10. MacNee New Member

    £200 & wont work with 2010 model!!
  11. zx81-sp Member

    I've programmed the VIM hack with CAN commands in the ASI-CAN board (http://audiforum.us/rns-e/13621-sds-button-alternative.html) and works ok but I suppose that only for old RNS-E since the sequence changes for every SW version, if we can get more info about the changes (at CAN level) in the new board, this could be a very cheap black-box with features like SDS button, VIM hack, enable Video-In... all this things works in the old units so it should be possible in the new one.

    If anybody has a new unit and a CAN adapter we can make some test to verify how the new unit answers to some commands.

  12. Hollywood Member

    Maybe Rabbit could be the right man to help you...;-)
  13. JohnS3 Member

    I did mention that in my post. ;)
  14. Hollywood Member

    It's official? No solution? Is it impossible update our old Rns-e?
  15. MacNee New Member

    Yup, was in agreement LOL

    My understanding is it wont be impossible to upgrade but will need new board/screen etc so is unlikely to be cost effective even if Haaggie can get the parts 8)
  16. Hollywood Member

    Is anybody working for this idea? Please, don't give up about this project!!!!;-)
  17. amulet-s6 New Member

    Just ran across this thread as I was searching for RNSE info. (Sorry, I'm not tech savvy) So, for someone who doesn't have RNS-E yet, what is the best option moving forward?

    Thx, Jim
    '03 RS6
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    There's no simple answer to that question...

    The pre-2010 RNS-E is available with a faceplate to fit your C5 RS6, but the 2010 RNS-E is not - so if you opt for the (more expensive) 2010 RNS-E you'll also need to source a C5 RNS-E faceplate (which are in very short supply and not sold separately by Audi) and swap it.

    IMHO there will almost certainly not be any future SW updates for the pre-2010 RNS-E (it is an obsolete product after all), but SW updates for the 2010 RNS-E can be expected.

    Both use the same maps so the usual (at least) annual map updates on DVD should continue to be available - unless Audi change the map format again (they changed the EU map format for SW version 03xx).
  18. Hollywood Member

    In my opinion, for the pre-2010 Rns_e, there will be an update with the next dvd maps. There are some features that you can have also in the old unit (speed limits for example) without update the processor or other components. It's stupid if Audi won't add this small things on the new dvd...

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