Upgrade to 2010 RNS-E features via software only possible?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Since there is still the possiblity that some of the 2010 features (AMI support, visual parking system, traffic in the US) could be a software only upgrade for older RNS-E, any news and comments regarding installing the new software on older RNS-E should be added here. The high res display is definitely a hardware upgrade, SDHC support up to 32GB is hardware only as well until confirmed otherwise.

    So, if anybody has any details about software version, coding options or any success story about running the 2010 software on an older RNS-E, please reply here.
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  2. carlosmag Member

    I was chatting to Rabbit last night on MSN and he has vast experience with the RNS-e and even some contacts in the factory, he is convinced most of the upgrades will be software only even the screen resolution could just be better graphics or a better graphic card driver?

    The worrying part is that he recons the VIM hacks will be erased ...

    I got to agree with you when it comes to the SDHC though....
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    SHDC I'm not sure if it's a hardware upgrade. I got several PCs with internal SD/MMC slot and they all were SD only until MS released an patch for XP that made all of them SDHC compatible. Therefore I still think there is a slim chance that SDHC support could be software only.

    The new screen is 800x480 while the old screen is 400x240, no way that this can be changed via software. The new graphics though could be displayed on a lower res screen as well as long as the CPU/GPU in the older RNS-E is capable of handling this without slowing down the RNS-E too much.
  3. Another example of converting SD to SDCH through software update only is with the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo recently upgraded the firmware on the Wii's, and any owner that downloaded the update can now use SDHC cards (previously the Wii could only use SD cards).
  4. Hollywood Member

    About monitor: is it possible update my RNS_E (MY 09) changing the monitor only? I think that with software and monitor update we can have a unit 2010.....
    What do you think about it?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Maybe not - it's not a "monitor". It's an LVDS interfaced LCD panel with backlight that is an integral part of the RNS-E not a separate monitor.

    It's like a laptop PC where the display is integrated, than a desktop PC where the display is separate. And very few (is there any?) laptops can have their display upgraded.
  5. Hollywood Member

    Ok, but is possible replace the "old" LCD with the new LCD on the unit made in 2009 or is necessary modify someone else?
  6. kristoffer Member

    There might be a _bit_ early to speculate "Hollywood" :D

    The new RNS-E is just about to be released, I doubt if anyone can give you an exact answer for this.

    I think the one witch have the most competence and insight about it for now, must be Rabbit.
  7. Hollywood Member

    I hope that the "old" RNS_E could be update......without spend a lot of money....:lol:
  8. drsilviuro Member

    Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed :p
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    ETKA still hasn't caught up with the part numbers fully. It shows the new RNS-E as 3R0 035 192 (no suffix) but the map DVD links to a page that is not yet in the Seat section.
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    Is there anything in there yet about the Seat USB or iPod interface? They seem to be different to the AMI that Audi is offering and seem also to include a BT only phone interface. The latter is no surprise since Audi is offering now a BT only (no cradle, no antenna, no charging) BT phone interface in the 2010 A4 8K as well. I guess they finally dropped the concerns about electrical interference of mobile phone use in a car.
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    There's an entry that says AMI - but it's still blank at the moment (I downloaded the latest update to ETKA this morning).
  9. carlosmag Member

    Does the latest ETKA have the TTRS part numbers? I am trying to find the latest update whats the update number?
  10. Hollywood Member

    Any news abou the dvd maps or other functionality in the new release software?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The latest I've found is VW/AU 749, SE 277, SK 283
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    Nothing more than the part number already posted 8P0 919 884 AJ (which isn't listed on ETKA).
  11. rabbit Member

    I hope i will get the seat dvd tomorrow, will try to test it and leave a message here for the guys who can't sleep anymore
  12. Hollywood Member

  13. SwassMike New Member

    What is the SD card storage limit on the older RNS-E unit?

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