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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by FatRings, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. FatRings New Member

    I have an OEM Audi Bluetooth module (8P1 862 335 A) added to my RNS-E in my B6 A4. I also have a Ross-Tech Hex+CAN USB cable along with the latest version of VCDS ( When scanning the control module (77 Telephone), I'm getting the following error:

                    Address 77: Telephone      Labels: 8P0-862-335.lbl
    Control Module Part Number: 8P1 862 335 A    HW: 8P1 862 335
      Component and/or Version: FSE_256x BT    H44 0660
              Software Coding: 0000000
                Work Shop Code: WSC 00000 000 00000
                          VCID: 356B4C935FC98996B5-513C
    1 Fault Found:
    01042 - Control Module; Not Coded
                000 -  -
                Freeze Frame:
                        Fault Status: 01100000
                        Fault Priority: 5
                        Fault Frequency: 1
                        Reset counter: 0
                        Time Indication: 15
    Whenever I try to change the software coding, it won't accept the values because the work shop code is out of range. I've tried using non zero values (12345 123 12345), but I would still end up with the same out of range error. How can I set the values?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    What value are you trying to change the coding to?

    It rejects incorrect values so let's check that you're trying to use a valid coding first, as I've never seen a case of the WSC being the problem.
  3. FatRings New Member

    I was trying the following coding value:


    Should the 3rd digit (1 for Comfort mode) be set to 0 instead (for Basic mode)?

    I have retro fitted the newer RNS-E (193) as well as the AMI kit.

    From a wire harness adapter setup, I have the following (starting from the back of the RNS-E HU):

    OEM Bluetooth adapter -> AMI adapter -> RNS-E adapter -> B6 connectors (Bose w/ XM satellite radio)

    I've tried the coding with leaving the work shop code alone and got the out of range error. I've tried the same code with the work shop code set to non-zero values as recommended in Ross-Tech's wiki page - http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Telephone_Retrofitting#Configuration

    I'm stumped with this one.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    See the Ross-Tech wiki for coding details http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Audi_A4_(8E)_Telephone_Preparation

    Unless your RNS-E is an SDS version then try coding 10777.

    Are you sure that your phone module is a US one? If it's an EU on then it will reject the English(US) coding, so try 01722 if 01777 is rejected.
  4. FatRings New Member

    I was able to get it to accept the coding of 10700. Seems the last value was throwing the whole thing off. Seems that with this setting, it's not functioning right. I can connect my phone (iPhone 6 Plus w/ iOS 8.4.1). I can navigate through my phone directory and view my call history. I can initiate a call, but then I get no audio through my stereo (was getting audio when the module was not set).

    On further research, I believe the control module is European and not for North America (8P1 862 335 A). I'll try the EU setting to see what happens. Will I have problems having an EU control module with a NA RNS-E head unit?

    One related question. The code setting for functions: 0 = Basic (for RNS-E basic/radio) or 1 = Comfort (for RNS-E high/RNS-Low)

    What's the difference between RNS-E basic and RNS-E high?

    I've tried searching on this difference with not much luck. If RNS-E high is meant for communication through the CAN bus, then I may need to switch this value from 1 to 0 as well since my B6 A4 has limited CAN bus communications.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    RNS-E Basic is the BNS 5.0 (the one with the red display in Europe/ROW). There was never a BNS 5 offered in the US.

    http://audiforum.us/threads/audi-bluetooth-tel-interface-part-numbers.6858 doesn't list any 8P1 interfaces with index letter but as David said, if 0010777 for US English is not accepted try 0010722 for UK English. And the 8P1 interfaces were all made long after the last B6/B7 left the factory, these interfaces may be CAN only and may not work properly in a k-line car.

    The phone interface is using CAN to talk to the RNS-E (for the information displayed on the screen) but it uses k-line for configuration (in the A4 B6 that is). However audio and mute are discrete lines between RNS-E and phone interface.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I know several owners in the UK who have successfully fitted and coded the 8P1 interfaces onto the B6 and B7, so AFAIK they do work OK with K-line coding.
  5. FatRings New Member

    Setting the control module to 0010722 did the trick. Phone pairs, and I have access to phone history (received calls, dialed calls, missed calls), phone directory, and will later set up to access voice mail. I'm now able to hear the call over the stereo and my microphone is not cutting out for those on the other end of the line.

    Now I have to play around with the sensitivity of the microphone to pick up my voice better and try to cut down on the ambient noise (if possible). Was told that it sounds like I'm calling from deep within a cave and hard to hear when I'm driving (have windows closed).

    Thanks for the help!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    So that's an EU module not a US module that you have.

    Some US members have reported that voice recognition can be "iffy" with an EU module, it all depends on pronunciation I guess...
  6. craigyb Active Member

    What you say about the sound is a little suprising. The genuine Audi mic is one of the best and in the B6 A4 I have never had any problems with the factory mic installed in the factory location
  7. FatRings New Member

    My car wasn't originally equipped with Bluetooth, so the control module, microphone, and related wiring did not exist. I have purchased an OEM control module kit which included the module (now understood to be a EU model), OEM antenna, an OEM microphone (might be a newer version) and the quadlock wire harness to allow me to connect it to my RNS-E.

    I do not have a MFSW, so I believe I have that set correctly. Don't think the RNS-E has SDS. I believe it's the 193 D model. Will check later tonight.

    I'm sure I have the right stuff. Just need to get the adjustments just right.
  8. craigyb Active Member

    I have fitted in excess of 1000 bluetooth kits in to Audis and I've never had to make any adjustments to a B6/B7 phone kit. The mic has never changed part number over the years I've known it.

    The part number is 8L1 862 373A
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator


    FatRings - are you 100% sure that you have fitted the mic correctly into the interior light?
  9. FatRings New Member

    That's what I'm going to check next. My local shop did the install. Need to find the notes on how to drop the light cover and look at where the microphone is placed. I'm thinking it may be in the wrong location causing it to pick up more on background noise than me. Right now, it sounds fine when I'm stopped, but gets worse with speed (windows up). Not sure if it's picking up on the exhaust note. I may try to do a test of using my cell phone's speaker phone to see what it pics up to compare. Could use that as a good baseline to get the Bluetooth kit set up the right way.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Just for the records, SDS was never offered in the US (or with any US software) and controlling the phone interface via voice is not SDS.
  10. FatRings New Member

    Been hit heavy with work, so I haven't been able to check yet. Planning to check the microphone on Friday. Maybe the Bluetooth kit came with a microphone meant for a different model? I'll be checking the part number and compare to what craigyb has listed.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    There are only 2 microphones that are used with this Audi BT module:

    8L1 862 373A - Microphone
    8J0 862 373 B - Microphone BOSE/TEL for TT 8J, R8 and 8P cabrio

    See http://audiforum.us/threads/audi-bluetooth-tel-interface-part-numbers.6858/

    The TT 8J, R8 and 8P cabrio mic is MUCH larger than the mic used in all other models, and would require some serious bodging to make it fit!
  11. FatRings New Member

    I think I remember the shop mentioning that the microphone was too large to fit in the expected location and that they had to position it elsewhere (which could explain things if it was not positioned correctly). Will know for sure when I look into it tomorrow.
  12. craigyb Active Member

    The main differences are that the 8L1 mic is a rectangular shape and fits perfectly into the A4 lighting dome.

    The 8J mic is a tube shaped and pops into a round hole in the A3/A4/TT/R8 cabriolet models and R8/TT coupes . They are could coded grey for LHD (8J1) and blue for RHD (8J2).

    There are some other versions of the 8J mic which are black in colour and these were fitted to very early models of TT/A4/R8 cab and R8/TT coupes but never to the A3 cab.

    They have very poor sound characteristics and people complain they cannot be heard at speed. If you find you do not have the 8L1 mic then just buy one and your problems will be solved.
  13. FatRings New Member

    Took the overhead lights down to find the microphone. It's the correct one - 8L1 862 373A, but it was installed in the wrong location. It was put near the large vent slats in front of the dome light, so I imagine that large space was getting a lot of extra noise that the microphone was picking up. The microphone is now where it belongs. I've reset the microphone sensitivity back to 0. Tomorrow, I will do some calling tests to check on how it's working.

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