Turn off plate lamp warning

Discussion in '8P platform' started by NikolasZ, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. NikolasZ Member

    I'va bougt Audi's original LED-lamps for the rear plates. They are origianlly sold for the Q7 (2013-), A5 Cab (2013-) and the A8 (2013-), but is a bolt on fit on the A3 also. But they trigger the bulb warning, as the cars I mentioned has adapted their Central Electronics units to fit the LED-lamps.

    So before I let my self loose on the cars and install dummy-resistors, Does anyone know how to program the Central Electronincs unit to remove the lamp-warning on hte plate lamps?

    (I found something under the 09-Central Electronics-unit and under Coding changed Byte23 bit6, but the change did not help.)

    Grateful for all and any assistance.
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