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Discussion in 'Audi TT Coupe / Roadster' started by sailcraze, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. sailcraze New Member

    I am just looking for imput from other TT owners......

    I have a 2001 TT Quattro and am beginning to "spruce it up a little". I am adding a K&N breather next week and have plans to upgrade the susupension and possibly a computer chip.

    I know little about the chips other than a price range of $69-800. What are the best ones, and why so much difference in price? Is the price reflective of quality and performance? It is like water skis, you don't really know until you spend the money and try one?

    Any ideas on places to install a suspension upgrade? Have any others have this done? My suspension works fine but is squeaky. I would rather upgrade than replace with stock parts. The cost would probably be close.

    This is my first day as a member. This looks like a great site.
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  3. racerxjin New Member

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  4. racerxjin New Member

    Have a question. Did anyone with an MK2 have the stage 3 upgrade by APR?
  5. jakesulivan New Member

    I know one person. Why you are asking? Did you have any kind of issue?
  6. racerxjin New Member

    I just wanted know if there are any issues and what other upgrades he did. I know that one problem was the diverter valve fails if you have the older version.
  7. TT-LBC New Member

    I am considering the stage 1 modification. A bit worry about the warranty issue (mine have Audi certified warranty). Any feedback on that?
  8. rutherfordred New Member

    I've heard the chips from GIAC brand make a great choice. i've also been considering getting one for my 2002 model TT. I've checked out quite a few on ebay and it looks like a great place to purchase.

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