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Discussion in 'B5 platform' started by audinoob11, Jun 23, 2012.

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    As my name states, I'm new to this audi thing. I've only dealt with bmw my whole life. So I recently bought a 97 a4 2.8 quattro. It has 202k but the owner kept routine care of the engine so I didn't think much of the mileage, plus the price was beautiful lol. Well the car runs smooth and sound. My only issue is when my automatic transmission shifts to second gear it hesitates kinda hard. It also has a hard time going up hills unless I floor it. I called an audi dealership to get an estimate on the transmission service and the mechanic told me to steer clear of the service because I could run the risk of killing the transmission. This worries me because I know something needs to be done I just don't know what. Any advice or feedback is completely appreciated.
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    Get an opinion from an automatic transmission specialist, to me it sounds like the changes are bad and the fluid converter is slipping - which suggests a problem either in the transmission fluid filter or the valve block. But get an opinion of a local expert, not a dealer (they don't fix components they just replace them).

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