TPMS retrofit

Discussion in 'Audi Q3 / Q5 / Q7' started by audi1, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Rosemeyer New Member

    I've checked it few min ago - it seems to batteries in all sensors are dead :-/
    I've bought all new sensors but I noted today that all was produced i 11.2008.
    This propably is the reason of discharge of batteries.
    So, when You're buying the sensor look out not only the unused but first of all the newest/youngest.
    The date should always be printed on the sensor next to part No and others marks.
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  3. neo_andersson Member

    sensor is activated by the wheel turning at about 10 kmh. when car stops, sensors turns themself off to save battery. according to Audi specs the battery inside the tpms is designed to last about 60 months.
  4. Rosemeyer New Member

    Everything is now correct.
    I've found one stupid mistake which I haven't seen before :confused:
    My controller was 4F0 910 273 A but i SW 8E0... - I don't know why I didn't notice before.
    I change it on SW 4F0.... C ver. and everything is fine now :D
  5. NikolasZ Member

    Picking up a rather old thread...
    It seems that you now can retrofit TPMS High also on 2010-> model of Q7...
    But... When looking into Kufatecs pages it seems that they want to have the MMI-main unit for programing... Does anyone know why?
    (Or have I got this all backwards?) :eek:

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