Telestart T91 install issues

Discussion in 'Audi A8 / S8' started by audia8er, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Hi to all. Have just purchased and installed a T91 kit from car systems, poland. Telestart Pin 2 to Webasto Pin 1. Used a Fakra cable to connect to the TV Antenna. Programmed the Remote via 5 Second removal of the 1 Amp Fuse. So with having fitted these to BMW without coding I thouight I'll just give a go without coding the Audi(As I have not yet got access to VAGCOM).
    Pressed the remote on, usual Webasto start procedure commenced followed by the climate panel lighting up and just as I were to open the door to check if the fans were activating I heared what can only be described as an extremley unsual sound from the engine bay, as if pressure was building up.
    Now I don't know if me hitting the off switch on the remote or Webasto HQ kicked in and sensed a fault and the system shut down.
    So does the Audis need coding or are they sort of self coding allowing the fans to come, which I did not get the chance to check but with the Panel lighting up I thought I was on the winning straight!
    I have read that not having the Aux Heating fitted from factory you lose out on a shut off valve allowing coolent just to circulate just aroung the cabin circuit,
    But I was wanting engine preheat in any case.
    So if I have to Code this using Vag Com what is the procedure (Bear in mind I am new to Vag Com, still in the post!!) and wanting to activate the timing screen
    Any help greatly appriciated as I ain't switching it on till I get advice from you guys!!
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