Symphony I -> RNS-E A6 4B Missing DIS info in upper part

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by stibba, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. stibba New Member


    I have retrofitted Symphony I -> RNS-E on my 2000 A6 4B Avant. The car was fitted with BNS, a player in the back and the small unit beside the handbrake, I've disconected the player in the back when i installed the RNS-E.

    Everything works fine, I have the nav info showing up in the FIS (DIS) but nothing in the upper part, the coding for ch.62 is for nav+radio (5) but I have tried different coding to no effect. Coding for the RNS-E is 0509111 and no fault codes (Instument coding is 00144 and one faultcode 01303 - Telephone Transceiver (R36) but I have not installed any phone in the car)

    When I installed the CAN wires from the RNS to the cluster there was already wires in the slots for pin 5 & 6 but nothing in pin 7 & 12 in connector 1, so I just removed the pins already installed in the cluster and installed the new ones from the RNS. As stated above the nav info in the center of the DIS is showing up correct but nothing in the upper part (radio etc.)

    So the question is do I need to get a new instrumentpanel or is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks, Tor
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  3. mbagge01 New Member

    It has to do with the old firmware on a 2000 cluster as I just had the same problem. The fix is just to install a newer c5 cluster.

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