Stumped trying to convert EU to US RNS-E

Discussion in 'Maps & Firmware' started by av8r, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. av8r New Member

    Installed a Euro RNS-E in my 02 A4, music functions work great, sound is awesome however I am stumped on converting from Euro Firmware to US Firmware.

    I have read every thread I can find on creating the firmware update disk, I purchased the VCDS from ross-tech to set parameter 97 to 1, still can't get the RNS-E to update the firmware

    When I enter Engineering mode, my settings are as follows

    System SW Index: X---
    HW Index: H76
    Map Database Index:
    HU/Navi SW version V2200815
    Boot Version V220100D
    Audio SW version A2210141-080807

    I understand that it is running in some type of hybrid mode

    I have tried creating update disks using's VIM tool, I have tried using a hex editor to edit loading.kwi, I have tried changing the sofdix to increase by 10 / 20 / 100, nothing seems to make a difference, I have D/L'd the 2009 NA Map, the 2010 NA Map and all the disks ever say is "Software update" with the corresponding sofdix from the index.txt file

    I have created more coasters this week than I have in the last 20 years :oops:

    I thought it might have been the burner I was using so I purchased a new Liteon 324, no difference

    I am ready to give in and purchase the latest navteq 2010 Disk, but before I drop another $200 into this project I need to know that it is going to work.

    Hopefully someone can give me some guidance to create the update cd

    Thanks in advance,

    As an update, I have now purchased the NA 2010/2011 Navteq Disk, again it says software update,

    I again set 37 #91 to 1 to force the update and nothing happens, where am I going wrong?
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  3. KUphoff New Member


    I'm in the same boat, installed a 2010 RNS-E from Europe and can't get it to read my 2009-10 N. American disk. I have the company in Europe sending me a disk that is suppose to correct the issue. They said it was a region issue (DVD reader I assume) and that the disk won't open unless the region & firmware is changed to US. I should get it next week and I'll update if it worked and send you the files if you're interested.

    Please let me know if you resolve & how!
  4. craigyb Active Member

    Your problem is with the X--- software index, you need to fix this first by downgrading. But you will need to use VCDS to set adaptation channel 97 to 1 to allow a downgrade to start.
  5. KUphoff New Member

    I recently installed a European 2010 RNS-e "193" in my 2008 TT and everything appears to be working well (6-8 satellites show up in the engineering screen), but I haven't been able to get the navigation to accept the Audi OEM 2009-10 North American map DVD! I have the Ross-Tech (Micro-CAN) interface and their VCDS program and have tried 3 different burners (all ISO9660 capable) on 4 different types of media (CD-R & DVD) without success. I've set the adaptation channel 97 to 1 and confirmed it happened. Burned the 5 files (from several different sources all with different techniques) but it starts by indicating it's "reading media" and quickly jumps into "insert Navigation media". I've also confirmed that the DVD is reading other CDs & DVDs, so I know it's working properly.

    Here's the status of the unit...

    SW: 0150
    HW: H05
    Map: (blank)
    HU/Nav SW Version: V5741010
    Boot Version: V574100B
    Audio SW Version: A5740020 030809

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    EU software will not read US map DVDs -as has been well documented here and elsewhere.

    Currently there is not a documented method to convert the 2010+ (193) RNS-E from EU to US software.
  6. KUphoff New Member

    Successful Audi 2008 TT RNS-e MY2010 “193" Europe to USA Conversion…

    • Burner = Plextor DVDR PX-L890SA
    • Media = Sony CD-R 700 MB
    • Burn Software = Nero Start Smart Essentials (Data Burning) with Standard Settings except “Minimum Speed”
    • Ross-Tech Micro-CAN cable & VCDS Release 10.6 software
    Copied the following files off of a 2009-10 Audi Navigation DVD

    1. Sub-Folder 575 (including one file = LDM.BIN)
    2. 00.VNS
    3. 575INDEX.TXT
    4. A5750017.MOT
    5. INDEX.TXT

    I used HxD – Hexeditor, and changed (Thanks YBL8)

    575INDEX.txt & INDEX.txt

    000001d0h: V57401 1020
    00000210h: V574

    00000050h: V574
    00000080h: 1020
    00000190h: V574

    LDM.BIN in 575 subfolder
    00000000h: .LDR V5740000
    • Burned a Data CD-R using Nero Start Smart Essentials…
    • Using Ross-Tech Micro-CAN cable and VCDS Release 10.6 software to set the Navigation channel 97 to 1 (so it would recognize the update) and exited the software
    • Inserted the disk, it updated several times (sometimes turned itself off and back on) and eventually completely off.
    • Inserted the Audi 2009-10 North American Navigation DVD and everything works, (including the SIRIUS radio that was previously mapped as a Digital radio).
    I’m picking up 8 satellites and TMC Traffic data. I believe the key was having both 575INDEX and INDEX on the root of the CD-R. After trying Lite-ON, Pioneer, Sony and Ricoh burners without success, the Plextor created a disk that the unit would read. I also tried ISO, book type and regional variations on all the burners. I first tried the standard Nero settings for a Data disk, and it worked!

    Hope this helps anyone faced with the same issue.
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  7. Maitre Absolut New Member

    thats great news. So i guess this the first documented fix for converting 193 G for north america?
  8. BASARAB Member

    wow, guess who gets the cookie. Congrats, man. Great job
  9. Maitre Absolut New Member

    KUphoff please check PM's
  10. zawa New Member

    Please check your PM.

    Thank you
  11. BASARAB Member

    Lol I have contacted him long time ago, but he is not answering. I now want to get EU version just to try it out
  12. zawa New Member

    where do you source it other than Bay?
  13. chum New Member

    Well, Kuphoff is the man. Follow his direction to the T and converted my Euro 193 G version to US. Any one now how to get SDS on US version RNS-E?
  14. Andriy New Member

    Hey I been trying to convert my RNSE for a year, still nothing. I dont know what im doing wrong but it will not convert. When I hook up the comp to the car it does not recognize the RNSE, but I switched the navi in to another Audi where it sees it and tried changing the channel. Is there any way you can send me the conversion CD?

  15. Jennifer.K Member

    my Liteon drive worked fine for burning the CD. Liteon LG GSA H44L
  16. multiphrenic New Member

    I tried these instructions and am not able to get the unit to update from EU to US. It recognizes the CD as a Software Update CD. Adaption channel 97 is set to 1. But once I insert the CD nothing happens.

    This is the 193 G unit. I previously did a successful conversion of an older RNS-E, but am stumped with this

    Here are my original version info:
    System SW Index: 200
    HU/Navi SW version V5741020
    Boot Version V574100B
    Audio SW version A5740022-021209

    I changed 575INDEX to
    SOFIDX 0210
    NAVVER V5741020
    AUDVER A5740220
    TXTVER 0580

    I also changed all files are per the instructions above to change any V575 to a V574..

    Any help would be appreciated
  17. multiphrenic New Member

    Figured it out. Increased NAVER by 10 to V5741030 and it worked !
  18. pisu86 New Member

    does any one sell this CD, I buy it if some one sell it


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  19. vintagespin New Member

    Hi all -

    I have a 2005 B6 A4 1.8T Quattro 6-speed Sedan (no Bose, BT, aux, satellite radio, etc., with a black/red DIS) and my 2010+ RNS-E is also stuck in hybrid mode.

    I bought this as an EU Seat drive and went about converting it following these directions: (which are very similar to the directions in post #6 of this thread by KUphoff, but with slightly different numbers since I have a 2010-2011 DVD).

    It plays my OEM 2010-2011 NA Map DVD perfectly fine and seems to work correctly for the most part, but when I go into engineering mode to see the SW/HW Versions, this is what I see:

    System SW index: X---
    HW index: H05
    Map database index: AS_NAR
    HU/Navi SW version: V5751020
    Boot version: V574100B
    Audio SW version A575022-021209

    My VAG-COM coding for the Navigation is 031111

    I have changed my Instruments (Cluster-17) Adaptation channel 62 from 17 to 21, and even when I turn the RNS-E off/on after loading directions, I cannot get them to display in my DIS.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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