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Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by DiscoGecko, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. DiscoGecko Member

    The bumpers arent being held up, we are making the how to right now with pictures, and I have gave the green light to have the bumper produced, we also had to come up with a better way to mount the bumper using risers that will mount to your rebars to give a couple more mounting spots as well as hold the bumper in place at the top underneath the grill. This is something that I am doing free of charge for you guys and its costing me more money. I posted to your specific question just Friday about a invoice you apparently had as you paid it. I am working HARD to get this done and all my free time is going to this project more so to get it done than anything else. So I am not on the computer every day as I am instead in my garage after work every day fabricating and coming up with hardware (countless trips to home depot) so you guys arent spending weeks trying to figure out how to mount this bumper as we will be shipping them out as fast as they come with said hardware included. This bumper is a PITA to get on as it is, im saving you guys time figuring out the best way to get it on so you will know before you go to put the bumper on. I am leaving work early today to get the metal square tubing im gonna need to supply the risers for you today, Ive already got it on my car and it works well. I asked the guy laying up the bumpers not to cut the next bumper as i think he might have trimmed the first one a little too much inside the wheel well area, so I can show him on a car how it should be cut, just a little kink that I want him to correct. Also got pictures just got to get some time to upload them, but I really need to go get these risers if im not to hold up the shipment on the first bumper. I added more work for myself but if you dont hear from me for a couple days or whatever please dont assume that im not getting this done.
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  3. orangelmo New Member

    I'm guessing the additional mounting spots will only be used if you are running a stock rebar?
  4. modifi3d Member

    As long as there is some sort of communication going on. There won't be anything to assume.

    Anyways, thanks for the update.
  5. DiscoGecko Member

    Here is the latest..

    As I said a couple days ago we have been hard at work trying to figure out the best way to mount this bumper and through some trial and error this is where we are at:

    Risers these will have to mount to STOCK rebars it will hold the bumper up and give you a couple more mounting points



    Also we came up with this to mount the bumper to the fenders so its less of a hassle to tighten down the bolts in the fender as there is barely any room to get a wrench on both sides of the fender.


    So this is how we got the bumper hung to check fitment, as I have said in the past my car isnt the straightest in the world, looks like the core support is a bit damaged from the previous owner but it looks like any problems are an easy fix, just some light sanding to make sure the gaps are even because in some spots they look tight.



    One other thing we found is at the very ends of the bumper it looks a bit short and not as squared as we would like so I asked the guy laying them up to square off the ends when he makes them (better to have extra material to sand than have not enough) although this could be caused on this because we think the risers are just a bit too high ... more on that at the end of this post...



    Here is how the bumper looks on the car after being mounted and driven on for a few days now....





    We just found a little problem with the risers we are using we found that while the risers we are using hold the bumper up it may be a little too tight because we found this today when the hood was popped.

    Hairline crack

    Bumper Scuff from the rubber on the hood.

    So after some investigation we found this on the hood part that is on the outside of the car grill on both sides its the tallest point on the hood and it looks like it goes right about where the risers go on both sides and thats what caused the crack

    So im going to the metal place today and see if i can get shorter risers. and try and figure this out this weekend..

    Ive already gave the green light on producing the bumpers so I will leave it up to you guys if I cant get this figured out this weekend, if some of you want to wait till I can fine tune this mounting procedure, I will for some of you as you can see we are really close, I know some of you are mechanically inclined and figuring out your own hardware will be half the fun, I will ship those as soon as each one becomes available cause I know some of you just want them shipped ASAP, so as each bumper comes available we will install the grills and the hardware, as well as trim the notch for the tow hook, (the stuff we have to do) then you will get an e-mail as we go down the list as to if you want it shipped or wait till we fine tune the mounts and hardware (keep in mind we might have it figured out this weekend so then no one will be waiting hopefully but I will give each one of you the option) We will keep working on this until everyone has their bumper and is happy :)
  6. porschephd Member

    Send me a second invoice for the sideskirts and iI'll get you paid for both
  7. DiscoGecko Member

    Ok guys here is an update, we got new risers but we could only find 1 1/2 tubing (metal square tubing) I guess the common tubing is 1 1/2 then it goes to 2" which is what we used before. When we put the 1 1/2 tubing the bumper hung too low and the gap between the lights and bumper was a little too big. So we just ended up spacing the riser with washers till we got it to sit 1 3/4 up and that seems to be where we want it, the gap isnt too big and the hood isnt hitting and pressing into the bumper at the lowest point like it was before. So I looked around and found out they do make 1 3/4 tubing but its not near as common so I went ahead and special ordered a 6 ft piece which should be plenty to make the risers, it will be here next week sometime. Now for some of you this is not gonna matter if you dont have a stock rebar this isnt gonna work unless you have something that sits where the stock rebar does as far as height or can figure out your own risers and attach it to your rebar. So what I want you guys to do is let me know if you dont need or want the risers PM me and let me know. I will still go in order of the list meaning if someone wants to wait for the risers they will still keep their spot when the risers ready, but I can get a couple bumpers out im sure while we wait, for the people that want to skip them. I dont want to force the people to wait that dont need or want the risers. I do recommend these risers if you have a stock rebar it will make hanging your bumper a lot easier, and give you mounting points up top. This bumper is a shell meaning it does not mount in all the same points that a stock bumper does, you will still be able to bolt into the fenders like stock (the 3 bolts) but it will be up to you to figure out other mounting points if you dont use the risers. the install of this bumper is already involved and you will want a buddy around when you install it to help hold things in place as the other person tightens the hardware down. I will make a good how to for you guys to help out, but once this bumper is on it is sooooo worth it. So anyway if you dont need the risers let me know and I will go down the list and see if we can get a couple out while we wait.
  8. turbavanttro Member

    I don't need the risers now, I have aftermarket rebar. So if you can send me my bumper now that would be perfect. My car is also at a professional fabrication shop, so I would have pieces made for this to mount to the ER Comp rebar, which I am using. We could potentially make more pieces for others who use the ER Comp rebar, I am sure the shop would consider doing it since I would already pay them to make mine.

    Let me know~
  9. modifi3d Member

  10. orangelmo New Member

    Don't need risers right now either. I'm in the same boat as turboavanttro using the ER Comp rebar.
  11. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    Disco, we are all waiting on replies here.
  12. DiscoGecko Member

    Hey guys got Audi A4 Turbo is coming in tomorrow and he has the ER Comp rebar.we are gonna try and get something figured out since it seems like that is the aftermarket rebar of choice.
  13. turbavanttro Member

  14. Chekm8 New Member

    Disco PM'd u. Thanks.
  15. DiscoGecko Member

    hey guys a little update im going to get the tubing today for the risers. we were also able to get something figured out for you guys with the ER comp setup. As soon as we get the pics we will post them. That intercooler sits out far! the center grill ALMOST wouldnt work but we figured out how to get it to work. Again thanks AudiA4Turbo22 for bringing his car by all day so we can get this figured out.
  16. Matt Devo Member

    what's the depth of the ER comp intercooler? I have an ER sport and think it's as deep or deeper (3" maybe?). It fits behind the stock/USP bumper, but required some trimming to the bumper to do so
  17. turbavanttro Member

    Can you elaborate about what you are doing to make it work? I use the ER Comp rebar, but I dont use the ER Comp intercooler, mine is quite a bit larger. I already have it fitted with my Sportec front and it fits fine. I'm concerned that whatever you do might not work for me because my IC is larger.

    I think it would be better for me to make my own solution and have my fabricator do it for me. Let me know if you would send me mine so I can fabricate my own solution.
  18. turbavanttro Member

    ER Sport - 18"x6.5"x3"

    ER Comp - 20"x11"x3"

    This is as measured without end tanks
  19. Matt Devo Member

    thanks, sounds like I'll be ok then if there's a solution for the comp
  20. Chekm8 New Member

    Disco, pm not working. Pls send me invoice on side skirts. Thanks
  21. DiscoGecko Member

    Dont worry we aren't making any mods to the bumpers, we will show you what we did but it will be up to you guys to make the mods to fit your FMIC's , we are now shipping bumper / side skirts in the order of payments received as fast as we can get the bumpers done. I will be doing a big picture update within the next couple days so you guys will know exactly what to do when you receive your bumpers, as well as a side skirt mod I came up with to make the skirts look a little more aggressive which seems to go over well with everyone who has seen it.

    For all the people that arent running FMIC's the 1 3/4 risers seem to be perfect, I have had no new cracks and everything seems to be working out fine, the bumper is solid.

    One last thing I need to know from you guys as the bumpers come into us for us to set the hardware for the grills, there is 2 ways of doing it. Our initial way was to try and hide as much of the screws and bolts as possible around the grill area which looks really clean, the thing with that is you would have to take the bumper off to take the grills out which when AudiA4Turbo22 brought his car in he suggested for his setup he would like to be able to get to the grills without having to go through the hassle of taking the bumper off and that he wasnt so concerned with being able to see the hardware around the grills. We were able to accommodate him on that and realized that a lot of you might want the same as he did. So if you want to be able to access the grills without taking off the bumper let us know and we will make the necessary mods to allow you to do it. It might not look as nice and may not be as secure as we use alen bolts with nylon washers doing it the clean way, but you cant get a wrench to hold the nut on the backside without taking the bumper off, which if your like us you dont anticipate having to remove the grills for much anyway. But I understand some of you may need too often.

    Im gonna finish up taking the payments so look for invoices within the next day or two, if you havent already paid, you might wanna get the money together to keep your spot in line. If you want sides look for those invoices too if you have told me you want them.

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