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Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by DiscoGecko, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. DiscoGecko Member

    yes we will open the tow hook up and the grills are just laying there if you look the bumper is upside down so its just laying in place.
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  3. DiscoGecko Member

    Ok guys here is the latest, we got the bumper with the metal attached and it looks like the idea of integrating it into the bumper during production is gonna work out fine. We hung it to the car and bolted it down with considerable force and everything stayed in place good.



    Next we checked the foglight mounts, they didnt want to mount up perfectly at first seems like there was a little too much build up around the corners and too much material was still there as if they didnt grind enough, so we marked the problem spots and sanded / grinded the bumper till we got them to sit correctly. (if you look closely to the second pic you can see where we had to grind out as the marker line is still there.) So now this is the way we will request they be cut from now on, they are now gonna make the marks / changes on the mold so that the buildup and the cutting will be correct from now on and we wont have to cut this out every time for each bumper.



    After cutting and sanding a bit we got everything to sit into place with the outside grills and bolted the hardware up, this is how each bumper will be sent out we will already have the grills attached to the bumpers when you get them so you will know where everything goes when you go to mount your fogs and to ensure everything fits up prior to shipping.



    The final thing we did was to fit the center grill and this one ended up being the biggest problem for us, the grill seemed a little tight going in we had to force it in then it would pop back out, this would be a big problem if the bumper ever scraped any pavement because we feel as tight as it was the hardware would rip out if the bumper and the grill would be lost. So we took some older ones we had and started sanding to try to make it better which we did end up getting to fit after working a couple of hours on them because we sanded a little at a time checked the fit, then sanded more until we got this.


    Obviously this isnt what we expected, someone the other day pointed out that it didnt look it lined up, but when I seen the bumper it was in, but I didnt realize that it was forced in like that, but we did take the bumper back today with some grills and the pre mold bumper that was already there the center grills fall into place, but this one had to be forced, come to find out, its part of a shrinkage issue as well as they are laying up material up to thick in that mouth area, so we spent alot of today sanding and now we got it to fit a whole lot better, so now we are gonna set this bumper back in the mold so we can see the little bit of changes we need to make (cutting and sanding) this will be going down over the next couple days and then we will re test fit make sure everything is good and hopefully give the green light to produce all the bumpers. As I said we will make sure that each bumper ships with the hardware and grills already attached, this will ensure the grills fit right and all the hardware spots will be pre drilled and attached so there wont be any guess work for you guys... I will update you guys in a few days with some pics

  4. JMill2490 New Member

    Looking good Disco. Thanks for the updates, pics, and explanations. Much appreciated. Let us know when you'd like to finalize the orders. In hindsight I'm actually pretty glad it will be springtime for this baby to go on. We had quite the blizzard here in Minnesota tonight. Spring has become the longest/worst April fools joke ever. Thank science for snow tires and quattro. ;)
  5. modifi3d Member

    This is great stuff! The bumper is looking really good.

    Thanks very much for the update and pics. Great job!
  6. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    So can we expect to see the bumpers shipping by the end of this week?
  7. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    Uhm...Nearly the end of the week now and no answer. Any updates?
  8. JMill2490 New Member

    I got a paypal invoice. I just want to make sure it includes the side skirts, or if not, then what the whole process is going to be to get everything that we're supposed to get, when we're supposed to get it. Meh?
  9. turbavanttro Member

    Sideskirts are basically the same as Votex. I prefer to see the front get done and shipped and not slow that down for any reason.
  10. porschephd Member

    I also received an invoice. I am ready to pay but I need to know a ship date. I think most would agree that is fair. There has been no confirmation you have these stacked up and ready to ship.
  11. JMill2490 New Member

    I'm also ready to pay, but I'm holding off until I get an update. I feel that more information from Disco is warranted at this point.
  12. modifi3d Member

    Same here. I'd like to get a status update before I send the other half of the payment. Also would like a confirmation on the side skirts, if they're included in this portion of the invoice.
  13. orangelmo New Member

    I doubt that the invoice includes the side skirts since I'm sure the bulk of the orders are probably only the front bumper. I PM'd him right when I received the invoice but have yet to hear from him as well. It's interesting to see that on the invoice itself it states they will "start shipping out next week" but no dates of course
  14. DiscoGecko Member

    Hey guys, how this is working is as we get them in we are gonna send them out. We are gonna go in a combination of who put down their deposit down first and who is paid up at the time their bumper is supposed to ship, for example the first person to put a deposit down was Mr. Meran and the second person was Mr Devillier. As of right now Mr. Meran hasnt sent the payoff to his bumper, but Mr Devillier has so when we get a bumper in from the guy that is making them we will check the list, if Mr Meran is paid up his bumper will ship if not Mr Devilliers bumper will ship. Then as soon as another one comes in we will check the list and if Mr Meran is paid up then we will ship his, if not we will skip to the next person that is paid up. So it is impossible for me to tell you when your bumper is gonna ship because of these factors. As you guys know I was putting off even collecting the final deposits until I felt comfortable that we were gonna start getting them in and they were gonan be right. If some of you want to hold off I TOTALLY understand, its not a money thing for me. I am waiting for the first complete production bumper now, which is already lagging because its raining here and this stuff takes way longer to dry in this type of weather, as soon as I get it I will hang it and make a how to and post some pics. But we are not gonna wait until we have them stacked up to ship as they come in we will ship them. As far as side skirts I just sent the invoices for the bumpers so far, for those of you that want side skirts and have let me know we actually do have those stacked so we can get those out as soon as your bumper ships and we will send you a separate invoice for those.
  15. DiscoGecko Member

    I didnt receive a PM from you so please re send...
  16. JMill2490 New Member

    I requested side skirts. I'll get paid up today or tomorrow for the bumper and you can send me a separate invoice for the sides. Thanks for the follow up.
  17. orangelmo New Member

  18. modifi3d Member

    What's going on with the invoice?

    I checked back on my paypal account to see if the invoice for the sideskirts were added, and the orginal invoice is no longer there.
  19. DiscoGecko Member

    I didnt cancel any invoices so Im not sure whats going on, PM me your name or paypal e-mail and I will look into it.
  20. modifi3d Member

    Other half of my payment has been sent. Any updates as to when we can expect these to ship out?
  21. modifi3d Member

    It's a bit discouraging that there isn't much communication going on, we have completely trusted you with our money. We understand that you're trying very hard to get this going, but the lack of communication is really the biggest problem here.

    Last month, you promised us an April delivery date, we're well into May and we barely hear from you. I've sent my full payment and the shipping details still have not been addressed. You said side skirts are ready, those should have at least been sent out to those that wanted them.

    You've already failed to deliver on your delivery dates, the least you could do is communicate. This is all that I ask for and I'm sure the others do as well. I'm not rushing you to get things done because I understand that you have other things to worry about. However, if you're going to arrange delivery dates and you're not able to deliver on those dates, please let us know. Keep all forms of communication open. If possible, please provide us with a much quicker and easier way to reach you. We're going to need a better way to communicate if this whole project continues to get held up. We've stuck around for as long as this project has been going on, we've trusted you. Give us some reassurance here.

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