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Discussion in '8P platform' started by Jeffherbst, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Jeffherbst New Member

    Just got a 2011 A3 TDI and have been reading the manual. There is a section that describes a 'small item storage' drawer directly to the right of the hazard button. The picture shows a drawer where I have 3 dummy buttons that don't do anything. Anybody actually have this drawer? Is it something that can be added? or is it just bad/old info still in the manual? I notice later in the same section a description of a button to control the magnetic suspension, that is no longer even offered.
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  3. mike3141 Member

    The A3 buttons were revised in the 2009 MY with more rounded buttons. Before then there was a small tray on the right. I keep the cases for my SD cards in it. Other keep change or business cards or whatnot. Some people replaced it with a cup holder like the ones in the B5 A4s.

    Edit: Here's the part number for the tray for '09+ models:

    8P0 941 561 J 5PR Storage Bin
  4. Jeffherbst New Member

    So, can you just swap the blanks for the tray?
  5. mike3141 Member

    I believe so--(from looking at the parts diagram) you remove the trim piece covering all of the buttons and the 3 blanks on the right. There should be another piece that comes out with the divisions for the buttons and then you can insert the tray and reinstall the trim piece.
  6. izzwiz Member

    Yes, that's possible, but I personally find the bin quite useless.

  7. JohnS3 Member

    Actually from MY2010 onwards the unit holding the hazzard switch and 6 buttons is supplied as a complete unit. I'm told you can't take out or swap individual switches. As for the credit card tray you might have to buy the parts and see if you can make them fit. I don't know of anyone who has attempted this in an MY11 car. Hope it works out for you.
  8. cubantexan New Member

    I have done it on my 09 and it was a piece of cake.

    I can provide pics if you'd like.

  9. izzwiz Member

    I drive a MY2010 and did a switch swap, so it is possible. It is correct though, that you now also can buy the blinds/switches as a "unit". If it has changed in MY2011 I don't now, but I'll be able to check in a week or two.

  10. Jeffherbst New Member

    I would love to see the pictures, also a link to a source for the parts.
  11. mike3141 Member

  12. Jeffherbst New Member

    OK, there is the part, it's about $100 with shipping. So for those of you with it, Is it worth it? And do the blanks just pop out?
  13. pisu86 New Member

    could you post the pics pleace?

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