Sell new Audi key case with 3 buttons or 4 buttons with "RS" or "S" logo. OEM

Discussion in 'Interior / Electrical / Multimedia' started by destroi35, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. destroi35 Member

    i can provide some audi keycase to change the old and used keycase that you have on your audi.
    is verry easy to eschange ( 2minutes time)
    1pcs= 55$
    with 3buttons
    with 4 buttons ( panic button)

    for a large quantity i can make big discount.

    i olso have the new audi smart ( keyless Key) for all audi from >2016

    1pcs= 120$

    All are new and genuin AUDi ( direct from Factory)

    you can contact me here or on whatsapp: +40723000350
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