SDS - Speech Dialogue System - (SW 0660) Experiences with an A4

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  1. Flakmunky New Member

    Info for others coming along later... :-s

    All of this information comes from various threads on this fantastic forum, however 'SDS' is too short a search term which makes it very hard to find the information so I thought a post with the full term in the title might make it easier for other noobs like me in future... #-o

    If I have made any errors in the process, please let me know and I will edit this post.

    I only want to help, not mislead! :?

    Enabling the Speech Dialogue System (SDS)

    I have just got SDS working in my A4. I downloaded the update CD (from here) burnt it to a CD-R (ISO-9660) and finalised the disc. The update took some time and appeared to have hung but it eventually went on and when it finished I had the SDS menu options.

    I then recoded the Bluetooth module (from 1xxxx to 1xx0x) and after that pressing the PTT gave me a beep, then after 10 seconds or so the woman would give a list of commands, so I knew it was all working I just needed to rewire the microphone.

    I had a couple of spare repair wires (000-979-009) which I put in to the following positions:

    And then used Scotchbloks to tap in to the Microphone wires.

    Anyway, after I had the mic wired in, everything worked fine and as it should. In fact the microphone quality seems to have improved slightly but maybe that is down to too many beers after the install?!

    Many, many thanks to all the kind people who post to this forum as they have helped me to install options which would have cost close to £3000 from Audi for approx. £650.


    fM :D


    I couldn't recode the BT immediately (because my laptop needed rebuilding) and after flashing the SDS firmware I got some strange behaviour which disapeared when the BT was coded properly.

    Basically until the BT was coded the RNS-E started complaining that the navigation disc was incompatible. Resetting the unit (hold Radio + Setup for ~6 seconds) and removing the disc showed the map, but as soon as I tried to set a destination it would hang.

    Other people who hadn't recoded the Bluetooth module stated that the DIS displayed Speak and then immediatley afterwards Phone. Perhaps they didn't try using navigation?

    Anyway, the brown trouser moment lasted until I coded the BT unit, whereupon all of the problems disappeared. To check if everything is working prior to pulling the unit and rewiring the mic, pressing the PTT should give a beep, then after 10 seconds or so the woman will say "Pardon?" and then after another 10 seconds or so a list of possible commands.

    My experience suggests that if you don't like SDS you will have to 'downgrade' to the non SDS firmware and then recode your BT back as the two cannot co-exist, even if the mic is disconnected from the RNS-E.

    Whilst I had the glovebox out I also added the AC vent for the glovebox and wired in the washer bottle sensor for my DIS retrofit but thats another story!
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  3. Flakmunky New Member

    Just a couple of updates...

    General Comments About SDS:

    Some of the SDS functions are a little redundant, missing or just there for the sake of it, e.g. "Repeat last instruction" is more long winded than pressing the right thumbwheel. You can't control playback of MP3s from the card readers and I haven't been able to enter a postcode via SDS (am I doing something wrong?!)

    Where SDS excels is in the navigation entry and controls. Spelling out towns and streets works very well and is generally >95% accurate. Zoom in / out, Scale and Start / Stop Route Guidance are quick ways of accessing commands that normally take a few button presses.

    Voice tags I created also work for my wife despite us having very different voices in terms of tone, pitch and accent. She talks proper whilst I am a northerner...

    All in all, a great mod if you have BT already as it is 1) Free, 2) Much easier and safer to enter destinations and 3) Worth it!

    DVD Read Issues:

    It would appear that the DVD read errors may just have been a coincidence as I have been experiencing the read errors again. I tried going back to the official 0650 software but still have read errors.

    I don't believe it is related to the SDS mod but that it is disc related (I'm using a backup disc) and so I will be purchasing an original disc (as per PD and A6B's advice elsewhere) and will report back.
  4. Flakmunky New Member


    After downgrading to 650 and then upgrading to 660 I realised that my voice tags were still there. This surprised me a little as I would have expected them to be overwritten...

    Which brings me to a question... How much internal memory does the RNS-E have?

    Also, if you have an RNS-E and it is in warranty and you have enabled SDS, you may want to erase all voice tags before downgrading and taking it back to your dealer... Not sure if they would be able to tell or not, but the data is still there, lurking about somewhere...


  5. bigjono New Member

    Noob question - where are the mic wires?

    Hi folks

    Long time reader, first time poster. Mostly because I don't know much so don't have much to offer!

    Apologies in advance for the total n00b question. I have searched the forum but I haven't been able to work it out, so thanks for your patience!

    My A3 had factory-installed bluetooth which was working well. PTT button, "Dial number" voice commands, etc worked fine through the mic.

    I have now installed an RNS-E. SDS appears to be present and working from the RNS-E end. The woman speaks when I hit PTT, e.g. 'pardon' and then a list of instructions.

    But, obviously, the signals from the mic are not getting through as she doesn't hear my voice commands. Eventually she gives up on me and gives the famous 'cancel'.

    I get the impression that I need to re-wire the mic so that it goes in to the RNS-E, and the RNS-E out goes into the bluetooth in. However, I have absolutely no idea where a) the mic wires or b) the blooth module are.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers to any instructions that may have already been written?

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Correct - this information has been posted many times in threads about SDS.

    Probably the easiest place to find the mic connections is at the mic itself in the interior light (the mic wires run down the A-pillar to a connector and then on to the BT module which is under the LHS front seat).

    The pin connections for Mic In and Mic Out on the RNS-E are shown on the paper label on the top of the RNS-E. Simply connect the mic to the Mic In and the Mic Out to the wires that originally went to the mic. If the mic doesn't work after you've done this then check the + and - connections are correct since the mic is polarity sensitive.
  6. Mynthon New Member

    Am I understood correct that you have to have new wires coming from mic to RNS-E, or just change wires on Phone module and RNS-E?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You have to add new wires.

    Without SDS the mic is wired directly to the phone module.

    With SDS the mic is wired to the RNS-E Mic In pins, and the RNS-E Mic Out pins connect to the phone module.
  7. Mynthon New Member

    Thanks a lot!

    Wiring is too "long" project for me..

    I'd like to have PTT working with Phone Module, now it's waiting for speech to RNS-E commands.
    Is the sw downgrade option the only one? (I don't have VAG-COM) :-(

    I assume there's no problem to downgrade sw0650?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You will need VAG-COM to do the SW downgrade. Unless you set adaptation channel 97 to 1 using VAG-COM the RNS-E will not downgrade to 0650.

    The only other option is to make an "0670" update CD which is actually 0650. You would be able to "downgrade" using that CD without needing VAG-COM.
  8. Mynthon New Member

    ..and that will be as simple as change in INDEX.TXT as following:

    SOFIDX:0650 ---> SOFIDX:0670 ?? :-k
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I think there's more to it than that - I've never made an update CD with a "spoofed" version number - maybe some who has can comment.
  9. samiko New Member

    Hmm..I'm little confused... If I now have 650 sw, what is the difference 650 or 660? Audi download page it reads: 650 STD and 660 SDS, what those STD and SDS means?

    Little new with Audi, so sorry for stupid questions.

    Now I did get that re-wiring for microphone to RNS-e.
    Have to check that when I have time.

    I'm just wondering that is it possible to make mistake with software update, I just downloaded new firmware 650 with 2010 maps. There was German language before so I don't know that did my all SDS commands work before but now there is only Phone commands.
    Is it possible to lose that "better" option?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    As I have said many times 0660 is NOT official software, so any 0660 software you download has been hacked by someone - so the provenance of it is unknown.

    0650 is the latest official EU software for the RNS-E - so "STD" probably means STandarD.

    I guess that "SDS" is supposeed o mean that the 0660 has had the SDS hack applied to it.

    If your RNS-E does not support SDS without the SDS hack (e.g. an 8E0 035 192 H) then you won't have had SDS before and updating to 0650 won't have added SDS.

    Phone voice commands are provided by the phone module, not by the RNS-E.
  10. AudiDudey New Member

    Having already applied the SDS 'hack' to my RNS-E, I now have the 2010 maps and wondered if I'd have to re-apply the SW 0660 after installing them?

    Trouble is, I've mislaid my disc with it on and I'm lazy by nature!


  11. UER-Navi New Member

    No you won't have to reapply the SDS hack. 2010 DVDs have 0650 SW for RNS-E before 2010 so part number ending with 192.
  12. keith-i Member

    Would some kind soul please give me a lead to obtain 0650 software. I've done the usual googling but am struggling to find a reliable source. I will be adding the sds hack myself.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    If you want a reliable source then just find a 2008+ genuine (not copy) map DVD on eBay.

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