S8 Lease Problem

Discussion in 'Audi A8 / S8' started by GoAudiGuy, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. GoAudiGuy New Member

    3 years ago I leased an Audi S-8. I love my car and I am 2 months from the end of my lease. I got a call from Audi Financial Services a couple of weeks ago and they gave me 3 options.

    The first is to buy back my car for $55,400, the second was to extend my lease 6 months with the same payments, the final was to return the car and get an end of lease inspection.

    As I mentioned earlier. I love my car and I have taken great car of the car. I went to edmunds.com and started to find out how much the car was worth. It has a trade in value of $47,000 which is significantly lower than the trade in value on my same make and model.

    My mind wants to return the vehicle back to the dealer but I want to keep this car. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with Audi Financial Services to lower the residual value or buyout value? :-k
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