S6, Allroad2.7, or Allroad 4.2

Discussion in 'Audi Allroad' started by Julian, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Julian New Member

    Ive had Audis for about 20 years now and my last one was an A6 Avant. I am hooked on wagons because of thier style and utility (great for Michigan outdoorsmen). Unfortunately my last one died and now Im trying to chose between a 2002 S6 (95k), a 2004 Allroad 4.2 (75k) and a 2004 Allroad 2.7 (75k). Which car would cause me the least headaches in terms of repair. I have some mechanical aptitude (have changed shocks and heater cores) So I can do some work myself. I just dont want to spend $15k on a nightmare. Any suggestions on which to chose?
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  3. stratocu510 New Member

    I have a 04' Allroad 4.2, so i recommend the AR 4.2

    Here is my two cents. The Allroad would be a little more offroadable if you know what I mean. Since it has the air suspension you can increase the ground clearance, which is speed dependent, all te way up to 8 inches. The S6 has only 5 inches. The air suspension can cause you to sink money into it though. Normally the front air spring/bags go first, and there options (OEM and aftermarket).

    As for the engine the S6, which is a 4.2 and AR 2.7t have timing belts and will most likely need them replaced soon if they haven't been replaced already with the milage you are stating. The AR 4.2 was redesigned so it has a timing chain set-up on the backside of the motor and should be trouble free as with most timing chain systems. So no need to replace. Power output is around 250hp for the 2.7t, 300hp for the AR 4.2 and 340hp for the S6. Someone needs to correct me, but the only manual transmission was in the AR 2.7t. I know the AR 4.2 was tip only and think the S6 was the same. The gas mileage will run around 14-17 city and 19-21 hwy, driver dependent. Some get better some actually can get worse.

    I am sure you will get some differing opinions. Are you getting on local to you??

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