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    hello everyone,
    I read up on multiple posts here concerning the vim hack.
    I am currently running sw260/hw74 . This is a euro unit flashed for US, it has the cd/TV , radio button just to clear things up.
    I just started the process and was able to get the vim hack going. Adaption #10 channel 5=25o
    After applying US_0200 firmware, I rechecked channel 5=1.
    Can someone point me in a direction what I did wrong?
    I have all five files for the US firmware 0200 and edited the index text (SOFIDX:0200 TO 0270)
    Try to update the rnse again, but nothing takes place. Only with the US SW0200 non modded and the current 260 software will the unit update.
    So aux is available, but now video hack.
    What else am I not doing right to make this part stick
    Do I need to re-run the hack software and remove the fuse 39 for 12 hours before continuing with the us update?

    Any help will be appreciated.
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