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    Ok, so I thought I'd start a thread and document all the little quirks, hints, tips and tricks with the RNS-E (outside of those items already covered in the quicklinks section). Of course, there will be lots of variations between those with Euro or US units and what level of software you are running. Also, I will assume that everyone with an RNS-E (or future owners) have read the 190 page owners manual and is familiar with it's functions and operation. I highly recommend either ordering a hardcopy of the US owners manual (99.9% of the content will apply to those who install a Euro RNS-E) or downloading a softcopy.

    Source: http://www.audi.ddsltd.com order for a 2005 allroad.

    Softcopy/PDF version:
    http://www.gsawireless.com/ted/audi/RNS_manual_.pdf or

    OK, here are a few items that I've noticed so far:

    1) Closing Motorized faceplate:
    I always found it awkward that any LHD couldn't really see that button with the faceplate down/open. I recently learned that you can close the faceplate by pressing the large round control knob (instead of the little button that you press to open the faceplate) when the faceplate is down. Of course, you should make sure that both your SD cards are inserted properly and the nav/audio disk is not partially ejected.

    2) Compass/street display in Instrument Cluster (somewhat covered in owners manual):
    If you want street/compass info in the cluster (without having set a nav destination), you can go into the Nav mode, click setup and select the box that says compass display. I kinda like this mode because you always know what street/highway you are on and directions (N, S, E, W etc). The downside (which can get annoying) is that everytime you turn on your car, the cluster display will go into nav mode and display street info. All you need to do is toggle back to the trip computer via the reset button on the wiper stalk with the reset button.

    3) Quirks with controlling the Phatbox (random mode etc):
    Thanks to Mike Tocci (mister dr) for this content.

    Please feel free to post anything else to this thread that you feel is an interesting hint, tip or trick etc.

    Thanks everyone!
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Good idea. It might be worth to mention which software is installed on a device. There are minor and siginificant differences between the regions and different software versions.
  3. Boston Driver Member

    Good tips, but in my 2002 A6 4.2, you cannot toggle between the compass/road info and the other car info (mileage, average speed, etc.). I have to turn off the compass to get that standard car info on the instrument cluster.
  4. NSX JR New Member

    Toggle with the RESET button on the bottom of the stalk... not the up down toggle buttons on the end of the stalk.
  5. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    when you're navigating, and you want to listen to the latest instruction again: press the button NAV INFO
  6. batmiterns New Member

    its about time i awaken this thread... can anyone add to this ?
  7. DRIVE AUDI New Member

    You can also repeat a nav instruction if you push in the volume knob on the right side steering wheel dail.
  8. genoendicott New Member

    For closing the screen, you can push any button. And it closes the screen and takes you back to the screen you were just at before opening.

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