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Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by Bruce, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Bruce New Member

    I have read as many posts as I can to learn about video input for the RNS-E. I would like to confirm the following statement: U.S. V260 firmware eliminates all video inputs, Kufatec IMA/Alpine KCE 425i included.
    In order to input video in some fashion I would need to downgrade my fw to version 200, and then the Kufatec unit would work?
    I've seen posts where just using the the 30 pin iPod cable will somehow allow you to input audio and video from an iPod. I really don't understand because as I understand it the Aux input which I know is audio only does not work with v. 200 U.S.fw, and you need V.260, which allows Aux in but cuts off video input. Is that simple one cable method just for European software?
    Sorry for going around in circles but I am very confused.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator


    Many people create an update CD that makes 0200 appear to be 0270 so that they can use the latest map DVD.

    You must have misunderstood the posts. To get video input into the RNS-E you MUST use a multimedia adapter like a Kufatec IMA.

    This applies to both EU and US software.
  3. Bruce New Member

    Thank you for your prompt response. I thought I understood how it all worked, but I was not positive. Confirmation allows me to plan out my next "improvements" to the car with certainty that they will work as intended.
  4. Ag02M5 Member

    Sorry to bump a massively old thread but this seemed like a good fit.

    What about running software 200, IMA and an aux adapter (like Blitzsafe) that connects to the CD changer input. Seems like this should be workable if you don't need a changer or sat.

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Adding AUX or iPod via CD changer emulator is possible in any software version and region.

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