RNS-D (CD-based) Navigation Plus Quick Links:

Discussion in 'CD Navigation Plus' started by TeddyBGame, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. TeddyBGame New Member

    I thought it's time to create a quick link directory to the most interesting threads. If I have missed one please let me know.

    Dan Gold's Original Nav+ "how to" website (a MUST read!!):

    Why consider Nav+?

    Quirks, nuances of Nav+:

    Why use a TMC/CAN gateway:

    Sym I to Nav+ (part#'s and items of consideration):

    Sym II to Nav+ (part#'s and items of consideration):

    TMC/CAN gateway part#'s:

    GPS antenna options:

    Map discs (quirks, hints, tricks); sorry does not include specific methods for modifying them:

    Installation experts in your geography:

    Various install pictures:
    :!: new pdf of my install pix posted at www.nsxjr.com (find the 84 slide pdf document)

    Part#'s for connectors, wires and pins:

    VAG-COM: Quick guide for reprogramming your Nav+ and Audi:

    Calibrating the GPS antenna:

    Phatnoise Phatbox OEM MP3 Player:

    Dension IceLink for Apple iPod MP3 Player:

    Various Input/Output devices (for audio and video):
    (work in progress; check back shortly)

    Miscellaneous items:
    - Replacing faceplate of Nav+; cleaning buttons etc.
    - Changing Startup Screen (warning)

    Before posting a new question please make sure you have read above threads and searched the forum. Enjoy!
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  3. kaplar New Member

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this TeddyB !! THis is exactly what I needed.

    Milo =D>
  4. 750Sleeper New Member


    Why do almost none of these links work? Older posts?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    They broke during the recent forum upgrade. However, the search is much better now, if you search for some of the key words you should be able to find the old posts.
  5. 750Sleeper New Member


    Ya, I have found most of the posts I was looking for. This was great info condensed though. I seem to be a little behind as nobody is putting RNS-D in there cars anymore anyway. I got one cheep so what the hell....
  6. armyaircorpsuk New Member

    Hi whilst updating my software my screen on my 2001 a6 navi plus has frozen. And even still it has swallowed my cd and wont give it back. it is saying waiting on cd , I have switched it of completly no car electric is running through it, for 1 hour then pluged it all back in and still up comes the same screen. is there any knowledge out there.

    northern ireland
  7. bamesal New Member

    these links are not working when i click on it its say page not found :( any boday have lastest firmware for Rns-d unit ?
  8. alza4 New Member

    hi new here, cannot seem to get info from these posts, need help/advice.......... just purchase 2003 a4 1.8t, and have a satnav plus unit lying around but not sure what its from/year or if it will fit? model is rns a4 ( i take it ,its for a4!) 8d0 035 192 D ? any help would be good...cheers
  9. kalkiu New Member

  10. futaris New Member

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