RNS-D Aux Input Options

Discussion in 'CD Navigation Plus' started by davidt0526, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. davidt0526 New Member

    First I must say that i've spent weeks researching this topic. I have an RNS-D w/CD changer, but w/o TV-Tuner. Everything works great. I want to add a single audio input (RCA) to play music from any source. After researching, I've found my best option could be a Dietz 1213, [​IMG] but I cannot find anyone selling one at any price. Also, I am still unclear as to if this will work without a TV Tuner. I want to keep my CD Changer in place, but i'd be okay with a manual switch to enable it. I tried building my own "Dietz 1213" adapter using the pinout on the RNS-D unit and applying different variations of power to the "Vid On" pin. Nothing worked with this to enable the 10 pin aux input. Is this because there is something more to the dietz adapter to enable the input, or does it NEED a TV tuner period. Another option i've considered but haven't tried is removing the CD signal lines from the harness, and routing them to a switch, then to RCA Inputs. That way i could hypothetically switch from the CD changer to an iPod manually, and anytime i'm in the CD changer mode i could hear sound from either source. Again, not sure if this will work, and I'd prefer the option using the Aux input.

    Thanks for any help on this
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  3. Timc New Member

    Hi, i have a Dietz 1213 that i have no use for. I used it for around 4 months in my a4 and it has been sat doing nothing for 3 years. Ill be happy to sell it if you are interested.
  4. techguru New Member

    Hey, Timc

    Do you still have the Dietz 1213? I am installing an RNS-D into my B5 S4 and would like to use the video port as the original poster wants to do. Please email me at bakerac(@)gmail(.com) I'm in the USA. Near Portland Oregon. Thank you!

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