Retrofitting AMI to a 2010 RNS-E in a B6/B7

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by CharlesMschulz, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Hi boys,

    bad message !!!

    for a retrofit of AMI - CAN in a B7 or B6 , my source told me , you have not only to change the RNS-E , also to change the central unit, where the OBD connection refers ( the adresse list which you see in the VAS ).
    What´s then coming up is a hell, i was told by my source, because you have to ckeck step by step, if the options like heating mirrors, engine electronic , ... and so on can be coded in the correct way.


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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Can you be more specific with the name and/or address of this "central unit" please.

    The B6/B7 doesn't have a separate CAN Gateway, that functionality is built-in to the instrument cluster...
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    This topic is about retrofitting the 2010 Exeo RNS-E in the B6/B7, not about retrofitting the AMI. As far as I know, the Seat Exeo is not offered with AMI, all one can get is an AUX in, iPod or USB adapter. So far it looks like the AMI is only available for Audis with CAN gateway (A3 8P, TT 8J). Now, that being said, the question is whether the CAN gateway needs to be present to use the AMI with the RNS-E or if the CAN gateway is only required to code the AMI.
  3. RNS-E and AMI in B7 or B6


    My source told me
    you have change the RNS-E to use the AMI for this also the CAN- Gateway has to be on latest status, because AMI works over the CAN, if it is not mentioned. It never will work without the gateway. Gateway has to be present !

    in B7, he told me, it is not impossible, because it is fully can, but the codings over VAS has to be worked in nightshifts. Exeo has after his knowledge only 2000 changes.

    This modified cars never should see the official Audi Service, because afterwards the former jobs has to be reworked.


  4. TGabriele New Member

    Can somone spell this out for the casual modders such as myself? Are you guys saying definitively that retrofitting the AMI in a B6/B7 can't happen?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I don't think we have enough information to say that yet.

    AMI doesn't have a K-line,so coding it in a B6/B7 is impossible - but what if it is coded (by a friend?) in a car with a CAN gateway, will it then work when fitted to a B6/B7? That's the unknown...
  5. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    we found out the following:

    The new AMI only works with the RNS-E MY 2010 when the car has a CANgateway (019) and must be coded for that (tick Mediaplayer 2E) the rns-e must be on ……..727 (depending on the steering wheel coding).

    Cars that have this CANgateway:

    Audi A3/8P (MY2010 and >)

    Audi TT/8J

    Audi A4/8K with concert radio (not the older types A4!!!!!)

    Audi A5/8T with concert radio

    Seat Exeo
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    OK, next (obvious) question is .... is it possible to retrofit a Seat Exeo CAN Gateway to a B6/B7 A4?
  6. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    thanks to Emielvanham:

    Putting in an Extra CAN gateway is possible to let the AMI works, PetrolDave mentions the Seat Exeo GW but an TT/8J should also work.. but… the CAN wires from this gateway may never be connected to the existing CAN wires in the Car that are “produced†by the Combi instrument.. an conflict will occur! So.. what to do now.. well.. the only thing the RNS-E uses from the Car is:

    Power on


    Speed pulse

    If you can provide these signals by another “source†like an adapter cable with CAN (Kufa have these) you can “Isolate†the radio completely from the car and the new gateway can produces the needed AMI signals

    Regards Emiel
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    But what about the signals that the RNS-E produces which need to be sent to the car? - the information to display on the DIS.

    The suggested solution of a CAN Gateway plus a CAN converter will allow AMI but prevent the display of navigation instructions on the DIS - so to me it's not an acceptable solution.

    Is it possible to disable the "CAN gateway" functionality in the instrument cluster and replace it with a "real" 2010 CAN gateway?
  7. emielvanham Member

    Hi Petroldave, I'm affraid not.. the gateway in the clock is an essential part that cannot be removed..or replaced by an dedicated CAN GW I have to look op both ELSA drawings of the A4/B6/7 and EXEO to see where the differences are, maybe by exchange also the clock for an exeo one it will work.. But i'm affraid for the communication with the motormanagament..

    Regards Emiel
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  8. patmag New Member


    I own an 2005 A3 and I have replace my old RNS-E with a MY 2010 RNS-E, all work fine. Now I try to install an AMI but the RNS-E seems to not detect the AMI.
    On my car, with the VAG-COM, the option "media player 3" isn't available from the CAN Gateway channel 19. Probably because the car is too old.
    I want to spend some time to search a solution. Perhaps, it's possible to make "a switch" which send all information from the RNS-E to the entertainment CAN Bus but send all information from AMI to the RNS-E only.
    For this, I want to analyse the solution of Emielvanham with an extra Gateway, but I need the reference of an compatible Gateway and the pinout to connect the power, the VAG-COM and the entertainment CAN bus.

    If someone has this information.
    I will keep you informed of the progress of research.

  9. kristoffer Member

    What is the part number of your Can gateway?
    Have you changed that? (maybe you'll need to have a compatible one, probably a 2010 A3 have newer gateway)
  10. Mitch2 New Member

    hi boys!!
    I'm new in this forum ,but i can say that seat exeo doesn't have CAN gateaway .
    it's the same car A4 but bader plastics
  11. njaudi1 New Member

    What's the verdict? Any progress yet ?
  12. Firestyler Member

    today i played with my new AMI+ to fit again my iPod to my RNS-E MY 2010... now i get by source instead of "[ TV ]" now "[ AMI ] initialising now... "... it took some time and then i get only "[ Aux in ]" :s a bit strange...
    Code is 0301758 for the nav

  13. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    Rebooted rns-e...?
  14. TGabriele New Member

    Has anyone figured this out yet?
  15. wizard1000 Member

    wrong ami you must get the 8j0 AMi the 8T0 don't work at all with rns-e

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