Retrofit rainsensor and heated windscreen?

Discussion in 'D2 platform' started by Mex77, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Mex77 Member

    Is it even possible to retrofit rainsensor and heated windscreen?
    Has anybody done it and can give me the partnumbers for all i need :)

    Cannot find anything in ETKA, it only says PN don´t exist.

    I am about to change my windscreen anyhow so that´s the easy one, i guess!?!?
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  3. juan_ignacio New Member

    This is very interesting for my. My A8 havn´t goy rain sensor and heated windscreen.

    juan ignacio
  4. kristoffer Member

  5. juan_ignacio New Member

    A8 3.0 TDI Quattro

    juan ignacio
  6. Mex77 Member

    Hmm, isn´t this the A8/S8 D2 section of the forum?

    Well i have an S8 -01 D2 without rainsensor and heated windshield...
  7. kristoffer Member

    ah... sorry. Havent gotten used to the new design yet...
    Sorry, dont know about A8.
  8. Mex77 Member

    Do you know how (and what is needed) to do it on any other car then?
  9. Thorden New Member

    Part number for heatable windscreen is 4D0 845 099 CS. You should have it in ETKA, there are three options listed there: Clear, heatable or green. All laminated with tinted zone.

    Don't know if you can mount it on a car that originally didn't have it. Guess you should check with a glass repair shop or your dealer. They might know if there's a connector there.

    There isn't a dedicated switch for it, I believe it's automatically heating when running the defroster. The LED in my defroster switch is flashing when I engage it, then it lights normally after a while. I think the flashing indicates that the windscreen heating is active. My car is supposed to have it, and I havn't found any other way to turn it on.

    When it comes to rain sensor, I don't think the D2 ever was offered with it as an option. It is not on the option list for Euro-2002 models anyway.
  10. Mex77 Member

    I have seen a couple of S8 for sale that should have it
    Audi S8 4,2 QUATTRO

    Do you know were the connectors for the windscreen should be?

    Thank you for the info.
  11. NHN Member

    I suspect it comes to the mirror fixing where all the screen options tend to, like rain sensor, light sensors etc all in that top/middle of screen mirror connector, best person to ask I think is S8Craig as he knows them very well, I havnt got elsawin reinstalled yet so cant check, but anythings possible & you could realistically retro it & just switch it via a timer relay, have to know the current etc so doesnt cause any problems with the screen as they're only hair width wires
  12. Mex77 Member

    Hmm, on my mirror (inside middle) i have on the side facing the windscreen a clear dot, is that sensor for rain or light?
    Can i simply just change the softcode for it and get the "rain-sensor" feature :p

    How do i find the inside mirror in my VAG-COM?
  13. Mex77 Member

    Hmm, just found this....

    "I didn't know US R32s had the rain sensor on the back of the rear view mirror from factory... Do they?
    yes they do, they just are not activated from what I understand, you have to do some coding in vagcom to turn them on"

    Yes i know this is not the same car, but it should work since i have that sensor on my rear view mirror :p
  14. Thorden New Member

    I'm afraid your mirror isn't accessible via VAG-COM, there is no control module for it as far as I know. Check this link for A8 control modules: - audi - a8 (4d)

    I guess the dot is the light sensor for auto-dazzle mirror.
  15. NHN Member

    Just to clarify, the sensor is on the screen glass, not on the mirror itself, if you have anything on the mirror itself they would be light sensors for auto headlights & dimming features, one is on front of mirror as you stare at it which is for dimming & the other is on the rear on one side of mirror for light sensor for headlights, if the mirror was accessible on your car then it would be in central electronics 09 IIRC with auto headlights/rain as a long coding tick box option.
  16. Thorden New Member

    Just FYI, the rearview mirror in the D2 A8 isn't mounted to the windscreen at all.
  17. NHN Member

    Updated post thanks, well the sensor would be fitted to the glass then if mirror is fixed to above as wont detect the rain otherwise from screen splashes.

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