Retrofit Power door closure

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by skyfan, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. skyfan Member

    Yes i have some pictures. Overall you need to change everything that is for door locking.

    1. Change door computers. They are without component protection. Revision must be G. You have to figured out the coding based on the table few posts back.

    door computer front - 4F0 959 793 G - left
    4F0 959 792 G - right

    door computer rear - 4F0 959 795 G - left
    4F0 959 794 G - right


    2. New locking devices. Revision D.

    rear door lock - 4F0 839 015 D - left
    4F0 839 016 D - right

    front door lock - 4F1 837 015 D - left
    4F1 837 016 D - right


    3. New drive units for the locking devices.

    drive unit doors - 4F0 837 059 x 2 - left
    4F0 837 060 x 2 - right


    4. Plastic trays for the motors above

    4F0837915B - front left
    4F0837916B - front right
    4F0839915B - rear left
    4F0839916B - rear right

    Picture of the motor with the plastic tray.


    5. Change or modify door wiring. Depends on the car extras. Mine was with BOSE without keyless. Below are the part numbers of the wiring.

    4F1971687J - x 2 - rear door
    4F1971029P - driver door
    4F1971030P - passanger door

    6. Change driver's door window switch

    4F0959851G 5PR
    Rest is 6-8 hours of work.
    Here are some pictures i have taken.

    Rear and front doors before the swapping.
    Driver door window frame
    Rear door after work.

    Hope it helps.
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  3. ajax Member

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. What was the cost of the retrofit? Is it worth it?

  4. skyfan Member

    Depends. If you go with new parts it will cost you around 2500 euro. I made it for half the price as i found second hand parts. Recently there were 3 doors on with kessy (equipped with everything) all in total for 800 euro. Only one door was missing which is about 300-400 euro if you buy brand new parts.
  5. mickymix Member

    Hi skyfan,
    very precious and informative thread... thank you !!!
    First of all I confirm that the links you provided (A8 Power Closures) are compatible with my S6, even if the seller did not know the component codes...
    Also, I have another small question: if I go for a KESSY installation, but I "plan" a future Power Door retrofit, what would happen if I already fit PowerDoor+Kessy wiring harness, even if I do not install the PowerDoor components and I do not activate this feature until I do not have the retrofit complete ?
    Do you think I'll have to face other problems ?
    I don't think so, but I'm not yet so deeply in the mod yet... ;-)
  6. peri77 Member

    I think until you don't code : +0008192 = Closing Assistance (PR-GZ2) in the door control units, you won't have any error code.
  7. mickymix Member

    Thanks for the confirmation, peri77. Really appreciated.
    I'll go for both them, on different steps...
  8. skyfan Member

    Yes. It won't make you problems if you don't code it. Actually your current computer does not support power door closure. I advise you to do the both retro in same time. If you got the motors already, buy new door locks + wiring and get computers from ebay.
  9. Thomas Kabel New Member

    Hello skyfan,

    I know this thread is ages old, but it still is one of the best guides on the net today for this retrofit. I just completed this on my '06 A6 Avant, but I am having trouble with it.

    Status is:
    All installed as described above with two exceptions:
    1) Index N door modules up front (coding for powers accepted) and G in the rear
    2) facelift door cables used with CAN gateway connections added to the rear modules

    - No doors retract as intended at current
    - Child lock is functional on both rear doors
    - No faults in VCDS and codings accepted

    We tested on door motor by connecting 12 volt to it, activated the first "click" on the door lock and then the door motor was activated as intended. Thus, door lock and motor seems to function - at least on one door and I assume the rest as well.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    Thank you much for your help.

  10. peri77 Member

    Index N is for RS6. Do you know what is the difference between RS6 and normal A6 door control modules ?
  11. skyfan Member


    Sorry i do not follow that forum so often as before. Most probably your locking device is faulty. Did you use brand new or second hand? I had this issue in the beginning with one of the door. It worked randomly and also error was recorded on the door computer. Just replace the locking unit and test.

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