Retrofit Power door closure

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by skyfan, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. skyfan Member

    Ok guys,

    I am planning to retrofit this fantastic extra that audi offers. Now the question is what do i need to buy and change? Here is what comes into my mind:

    1. Door Lock - 4F1 837 015D and 016 D for front doors
    2. Drive Unit - 4F0 837 059 and 060
    3. Cover for door - 4F0 837 915 B and 916 B

    And same for the rear doors.

    Do i need to change any computer?

    Any suggestions would be great.
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  3. brs Member

    I have been thinking of this retrofit for some time now. I have a lot of projects going on, this is not one of the highest in priority, however I will follow. I don't think there are much to it.
  4. brs Member

    Looked a bit further. You would need new/other door control units, they must be a revision, where the auto close i supported.
  5. skyfan Member

    Guys, let's pick up this thread again. I am starting to do this retrofit, but i have some tech questions.

    1. Is it easy to change door lock device? Has anyone done this before?
    2. Should i expect any difficulties while doing above operation?
    3. Do i need to replace sound absorber? Is it easy to be removed at all?
    4. How can i power the motors for the locking device? Shall i change door harness or can i just take another cable from somewhere? Is it easy to replace the harness?
    5. Do i need to code other gw except the ones in the doors?
  6. ajax Member

    I looked at this some time ago and abandoned the project due to overall costs. The actual retrofit should not be difficult but you need to replace the locks, add servos to all 4 doors and replace all 4 door control units. Coding should be easy and you only need to code the doors plus perhaps the head unit.

    The thing is that this feature is so uncommon that used parts you can almost forget about. New parts are incredibly expensive - 200+ EUR for the locks and servos for each door. All in all, not worth the money for me.

  7. skyfan Member

    Parts are almost found. Probably in 1 month i will have everything. New parts are not that expensive.

    Now the main problem is how to change cables or how to power the new motors. Any one with ELSA that can help me with the wire? I see separate cable going to the motor, but is it going to the door computer or it is just power?
  8. skyfan Member


    Can someone find numbers below for me?

    4F1971687J - Rear Door Harness
    4F1971029P - Front Door
    4F1971030P - Front Door

    I want to buy them at reasonable price.
  9. skyfan Member

    Hi. I have the control units. They are ending on G no Q. I also have the locking devices + motors for them. Tell me about the harness as i was about to buy new one. Thanks.

    Coding is quite simple

    +0000002 = Interior Door Handle Illumination
    +0000004 = Insulated Glass installed (PR-4KR/4KV)
    +0000008 = Door Warning Lights installed
    +0000016 = Right Hand Steering (PR-L0R)
    +0000032 = Lighting Package (Interior Lighting - PR-QQ1)
    +0000512 = Interior Lock Switch installed
    +0001024 = Avant (Wagon)
    +0002048 = Electrical Child Safety Lock (PR-4H5)
    +0004096 = Opening Assistance
    +0008192 = Closing Assistance (PR-GZ2)
    +0016384 = Keyless-Entry installed (PR-4F2/4K5/4K7)
    +0032768 = Safe Function disabled (PR-A8U)
    +0065536 = Window Regulator Comfort Function disabled
    +0131072 = Handicapped Vehicle
    +0262144 = Special Protection Vehicle
    +0524288 = Pinch Protection disabled
  10. skyfan Member

    Could you exaplain me what 20/11 means? Pin 20 and pin 11 or?
  11. skyfan Member

    This is what i got from elsa. It is B. I think on new model it is called T. Pins could be different.

    Attached Files:

  12. skyfan Member

    Hi. You are looking at 2009 model. My car is 2005 and there is difference in wiring. I am not sure that both are same. Have you done that on your car?
  13. skyfan Member

    My ELSA is showing different info. You see 2006 > because it is newer model and sales type is 4F5, but before that field there is one digit which is the year of the car. On your screen it is 9 which means 2009. I do not have that extra motor in my elsa and this could be the reason of being confused.

    Could you confirm again the wires.

    I got 2 sockets on the locking device. One is with 7 pins and one with 3 pins. Do i need extra cable to the one with 7 pins or that one stays same and i just put extra 3 cables to the second socket? The motor that is on the door has 2 pins and that one must be connected to control unit only?

    What happens with window switch on driver's door. i must changed it with the one that has 2 buttons for each rear door for locking. Do i need to change the wire there or it is same as now?
  14. skyfan Member

    Guys, all parts are here now. Do you think i can do it by myself? I am worry about taking the door trim down and the wiring of the door. Is there anything i have to adjust on door locking device?
  15. skyfan Member

    Guys, where is the mirror wiring in the door? I do not see any socket for the mirror on the new wiring i got.
  16. skyfan Member

    It is done!!!

    Very happy.
  17. peri77 Member


    Nice retrofit ! Was it hard to remove the door trims ? No creeks and squeaks after placing back the trims ?
  18. skyfan Member

    Door trims was the easiest part. On both front doors you have to take the window frame off. Otherwise you can not change locking device. Then you have to adjust the frame back to fit properly when you close the door. Wiring is easy to change. On front door there is mirror wiring that is coming off with the window frame. Actually on front doors you can not take wiring out without taking window frame. Be carefull when you take trim decoration out.
  19. peri77 Member

    I hope I don't need to take out the window frames for the Kessy retrofit ! I wouldn't like to do that :eek:
  20. skyfan Member

    You have to. Kessy just have one more cable for the sensor. Also on front doors there is crash sensor which is inside the door.
  21. ajax Member

    skyfan, congratulations on this retrofit! I might be looking at this next year when I change my car. Can you please write up a little summary of what parts are needed and what needs to be done? Have you got any photos?


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