Retrofit Park Assist on A3 2010

Discussion in '8P platform' started by NikolasZ, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. NikolasZ Member

    I've just got my A3 Convertible 2.0TFSI 2010. Almost fully equiped, but some options were not factory fitted, so I have already started my plans to retrofit the following:
    • Garage-door opener
    • Radio Controlled Clock
    • Park Assist (Factory fitted RNS-E, so I want to have the optical view as well.)
    The car already has rear park sensors.

    I have already sourced the parts for all these options:
    • Park/Steering assist Unit 8P0 919 475K
    • Front sensors x4
    • Park Assist sensors x2
    • New front and grill
    • Inside front beeper
    • Front parking help+assist button
    Has anyone done this? What units would I need to re-code, so that they know Park Assist exists?

    I was thinking to create a neat instruction with pictures as I go along.
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  3. NikolasZ Member

    So far I have managed to get all the parts... I have removed the old paint on the used front that I got from Ebay. No pictures are needed for this... ;)
  4. rnaidu New Member

    I plan to retrofit the PDC and garage door opener to my 2012 A3 Titanium pkg. I was able to source the Homelink retrofit kit 8R0-054-602 from Europe. ( or The only issue is the kit comes with the trim pieces (homelink buttons in light grey) and my interior is black. I ordered a black sunvisor with the homelink buttons and plan to do the retrofit soon. The kit comes with installation instructions so it should be an easy install. As far as the PDC, there is a retrofit kit available from Kufatec, and i know it comes with the installation instructions. ( Hope that helps..
  5. danikas Member

    Nikolas greeting from the past :)
    I am back anc got a car for my wife (A3 2010 cabrio) so I will start all my retrofits as well
    so far I purchased :
    Multifunction cluster 8P0920931T X
    8R0 419 091 C WUN steering wheel
    Bluetooth kit 8p0862335
    fis 8p0953519g
    a3 original RNS-E face place for my RNS-E 2006
    I AM PLANNING TO RETROFIT the auto lights sensor and rain function with auto dim mirror. Any idea on the wiring ?the part I located is 8j0857511c-4pk and I don't think I need to change windscreen .(DONT have xenon as well)but I have DRL)
    Also reverse camera o the RNS-E and original park assist
    The car comes with rear park sensors but after market sensors. Will the sensors work on an original Audi module? (8p0919475e) or I will require original sensors as well?

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