Retrofit NAV to A7 4G ???

Discussion in 'MMI' started by AndresAudiA3, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Hello ! Dears. :)

    Long time I am not posting but always reading many discussion very usefull for Audi fans that likes to improve everthing on the car.

    May be anyone knows if it is a matter of software or also if it is hardware stuff ( have to be added any module maybe? ) on how to retrofit the SAT NAV low to an Audi A7 with 8DP MMI radio plus

    Car is equiped with : 8DP : MMI radio Plus
    7Q0 : without navigation ( would like to upgrade to 7T2 )
    UJO : Multimedia insert medias
    9ZX : Bluetooth telephone
    KS1 : head Up display
    KA2 : reverse camera
    9Q8 : color DIS Display
    8RY : Bose sound system

    I have entered to the green engineering mode and can see all NAV stuff there not activated question is - is it possible to retrofit NAV to this car ? at lest low one ...without the touch screen. Pr 7T2
    Any comments will be very welcome ! thank you
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    4G? Do you mean MMI 3G+?
  3. craigyb Active Member

    No he means 4G chassis, A6/A7 is a 4G0 chassis
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Seeing as how the only A7 is a 4G0 that seems a bit more info than necessary.
  4. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Hi guys , yes, sorry I meant A7 4G chassis ...the A6 is the same ..4G as it is all the same. - The MMI is 3G radio plus for my case.

    Craig , going back to my question and as I know you are specialized to Nav retrofit ... for the A7 if it possible to add the SAT NAV ... is there an additional module or core to be retrofit or just a matter of SW - I have entered the Eng green mode and saw all NAV. staff are there not activated and without any information. once entered to Navigation " activate GPS core " it can not be found so I think mayeb need the addional module ...but not sure. BTW , what else can I do with the Green Engineering mode ...who know what is " procman" tracescope " irc " combi " lines with this mode.
  5. nickysthlm Member

    You need to change the head unit - although firmware is more or less the same (therefore same green menu) your head unit does not have a GPS receiver. I'm guessing your main unit part number is 4G0035642 - you need 4G0035652 for navi low.
  6. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Thank you - Do you have the ETKA to corroborate this ? is the head unit the entire radio system right ? which is above the clima unit with all the bottom for other funtions ...correct ? if so must be expensive - anyone know about cost of the entire head unit with that part #
    I thought it maybe just addional module for GPS receiver like the MMi3G with Q7 .A6 up to 2010 year model.
    thank you agian for info.
  7. craigyb Active Member

    According to ETKA you would have the RMC system with 4G0 035 182 which is the 8DP model, so you would have to get the 4G0 035 193 model to get 8DP & 7T2 with navigation and keep everything else you have the same.
  8. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Thank you Craigyb ! Any idea how much cost that radio ? in th eUK for example ... is it just plug and play ( of course then have to code it up all funtion ..# 19 ..#17 ) If I change the unit ...what about all the other staff like the AMI , BT ...wil be affected or just have to recode with the new radio ...also I think component protecion has to be unlocked of course. Again thank you for this very valuable info.
  9. craigyb Active Member

    Here in the UK they retail at £1800, but I would say that it will never work. These units (AFAIK) require online avtivation, maybe the only way to do this is buy a second hand unit from ebay and install it or buy a new unit and swap it with another car to activate it and then put it back into your car.

    Either way it's a tricky one, finding a second hand RMC with NAV unit or a car with the same options as you.
  10. darek70 Member

    Or head unit 4G0 035 192 with DAB tuner (8DP, QV3 and 7T2)
  11. kris.2010 Member

    we have 4G0 035 193 navigation SD / redy for nav - cost 1000euro

    you will need to remove the CP
    and parameterised unit in the service

  12. AndresAudiA3 Member

    How component protection can be removed ? how difficult is it.
    Kris, can you e-mail me details of it a new one -second hand ..? I could be interested in it..... how to remove CP ..
    As Craig said ....has to be done with Audi Dealer on line ...? even for them I think it is not easy the Software Version Management (SVM) is a system used to flash
    update control modules, unlock component protection and in certain cases
    to change their Coding. - local dealer may have issues with the SVM configuration.?? or not.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    AFAIK CP can only be removed by an Audi dealer.
  13. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Thank you !
    Will e-mail you Kris to check possiblilities to get that unit.
    All the best !
  14. nickysthlm Member

    Upgraded an A7 with RMC Radio (PNR *188) to a used RMC Navi with DAB (PNR *192) from another A7 yesterday - so it's surely doable ;)
  15. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Hello NickySthlm ! Thank you for your report ! Also I have bought the unit 4G0 035 193 ( with navigation low 7T2 - but without the DAB )
    I still have to install it in the car and remove component protection with the dealer.
    But my big doubt now is : Here in South America we have maps for Brazil, Argentina and India ...Part# 8R0 051 884 AA and plus the activation : 8R0 060 886 D

    But I guess all this part and SD with maps are only for the MMI 3G for NAV pr. 7T6 and won´t work on 7T2

    Unfortunately the 5F unit I got is 7T2 ! Nav. low ...and SD maps with cartography data I think is not available for this part of the world ...only for 7T6 ...

    Does anyone knows or do you know how can I transform the data for 7T6 to 7T2 ..or SD data for this navigation from ( Delphi radios with NAV) ..or NavTeq data ..or what software or system is it ? ...maybe can work ...? any ideas ?

    I would need : 8X0 060 884 C or D wich is for Europe ...but for South America maps ...I think maybe only Audi can response to this. ......

    Thank you
  16. nickysthlm Member

    Sorry Andres - the RMC system by Delphi has absolutelly nothing in common with the "real" MMI so maps cannot be converted...
  17. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Thank you, any other way to get the maps for the Delphi radios / systems ? I meant any other source to get maps separate fRom Audi? As They are not offering maps for other areas except Europe ....mayBe I shall contact Delphi.
  18. nickysthlm Member

    Maps are usually made for manufacturer specs so I do not think there is any paint contacting Delphi - either wait and hope that Audi will release maps for South America sometime in the future or retrofit MMI...

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