Retrofit NAV to A7 2012

Discussion in 'Audi A7' started by AndresAudiA3, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Hello ! Dears. :)

    Long time I am not posting but always reading many discussion very usefull for Audi fans that likes to improve everthing on the car.

    May be anyone knows if it is a matter of software or also if it is hardware stuff ( have to be added any module maybe? ) on how to retrofit the SAT NAV low to an Audi A7 with 8DP MMI radio plus

    Car is equiped with : 8DP : MMI radio Plus
    7Q0 : without navigation ( would like to upgrade to 7T2 )
    UJO : Multimedia insert medias
    9ZX : Bluetooth telephone
    KS1 : head Up display
    KA2 : reverse camera
    9Q8 : color DIS Display
    8RY : Bose sound system

    I have entered to the green engineering mode and can see all NAV stuff there not activated question is - is it possible to retrofit NAV to this car ? at lest low one ...without the touch screen. Pr 7T2

    Any comments will be very welcome ! thank you
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Your best place to ask is in the MMI Forum.
  3. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Hello PetrolDave

    Thanks - I will move the message to MMI Forum.

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