Retrofit Garage Door opener

Discussion in '8P platform' started by NikolasZ, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. NikolasZ Member

    I've just got my A3 Convertible 2.0TFSI 2010. Almost fully equiped, but some options were not factory fitted, so I have already started my plans to retrofit the following:
    • Garage-door opener
    • Radio Controlled Clock
    • Park Assist
    I have sourced the parts:
    • Garage door unit + holder
    • Garage door buttons
    • New faceplate for the inside lamps to the Garage door buttons
    Has anyone done this previously? Any extra coding on other ECUs I need to do, so that the car knows that the option is installed?

    I am planning to create an instruction as I go along.
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  3. rnaidu New Member

    Do you have the part numbers for the garage door retrofit? I don't think you need to code any other module.
  4. NikolasZ Member

    Here are the part numbers. Mind you this is for HomeLink Europe:
    8P0 959 719A 6PS (Soul (Black) color) The buttons ( I II III)
    4B0 971 978B The connector to the buttons
    000 979 009E Connector cable to the above connector
    8J0 947 133Q 6PS Faceplate for the inner lights (Soul (black) color)
    4L0 807 777 Garage door ECU bracket
    N 909 747 01 Screws 3pcs
    8K0 907 410 Garage door ECU (European PR-VC1)
    8E0 971 934 Connector to ECU
    000 979 009E Connector cable to the above connector
  5. Alan Takahashi New Member

    I performed a simple garage door opener install on a 2012 A3 6MT. I took a small opener, soldered two wires to the switch pad on the opener and ran these to a two wire connector. I then installed a momentary switch in the dash next to the headlight light switch and ran the wires from the switch to the other end of the two wire connector. I used the connector so I could easily remove the opener to change the battery. The opener unit is mounted under the dash. It looks clean and is a simple install. You can find the switch at radio shack. If you want pictures let me know.

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